Lesson Plans. From the White House.

by Little Miss Attila on September 2, 2009

About how swell authority figures are, particularly those in government.


That, plus a joint-session address. On healthcare.


Does the President not remember that old exercise with the doubling and the chessboard? Is he unclear on what happens when one keeps on doubling down?

And, um . . . doesn’t he have, like, a job? You know: stuff he has to do?

Spadilio on healthcare:

I’ve said this before but what the hell: When people say they want “health care reform,” they all mean the same thing. They all want better service than they’re receiving now and they want to pay less money for it. In other words, they want the government to subsidize them. Which means they want some other taxpayer partly paying their expenses.

The problem here is that the middle class expects the rich to subsidize them — which the rich really can’t do too much, as there are so few “rich” and so many in the middle class. The poor, meanwhile, expect everyone else — including the middle class — to subsidize them.

Now one doesn’t have to be a genius like Obama to see the problem here. If the middle class winds up subsidizing the poor, as they must under Obama’s plan, either through higher taxes or rationed care, then the middle class is not, in fact, getting more for less, but rather getting less for more.

There is simply no way around this problem. This is why enormous social-spending programs are met with such resistance. If we were only talking about taxing an unpopular, tiny minority like “the rich,” we’d already have all these measures on the books.

But we’re not, of course. The rich are rich, but the rich are few. You can’t pay for big programs only by taxing the rich.

So Obama’s fundamental problem is that he’s selling health care “reform” as some kind of advantage to the middle class. But it’s not an advantage to the middle class at all; it’s an advantage to the poorest Americans, a nice thing in and of itself, but it’s coming directly from the wallets of the middle class.

The middle class which wants to pay less for more, not more for less.

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Glenn Cassel AMH1(AW) USN Retired September 4, 2009 at 9:20 am

Thank the Almighty that this crap isn’t in place after the news I got yesterday. It started with a visit to my doctor. I was having some digestive tract issues, with a fever and headache.
Blood work, urine work and a CT scan.
The good news was the diverticulitus. the bad news was the substantial spot/tumor on the left kidney. The specialist appointment is next Thursday. With the obambozo-pelousy care, I would probably be left to die. If it requires surgery, which I believe it will, the recovery is 6-8 weeks. Am I going to be considered not cost effective at the age of 55?


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