I’m Thinking . . .

by Little Miss Attila on October 15, 2009

Four X-Chromosomes, 2012. Sarah is good at speeches and general direction, and specializes in energy policy. Liz is good at interviews, and focuses in foreign policy and military matters.

Not that anyone would take that seriously. No, no.

They’d just laugh it off.

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Gregory October 15, 2009 at 6:15 pm

I dunno. I’d prefer a Palin/Petraeus combo myself. After all, What’s true of Liz Cheney is also true of Gen David Petraeus… plus, it’s a nice alliteration. And, while Liz has been under media fire and flak, Gen P has been under *real* fire and flak as well.

‘course, I’m not American, so my preferences in this matter don’t matter squat.


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