The Going Rogue Guerilla Campaign

by Little Miss Attila on November 19, 2009

No. I don’t happen to think Sarah is running in 2012—not from what I’ve seen about the contents of her book.

I think she’s going to be an elder stateswoman. And wealthy. (Cue Rush Limbaugh saying, “I wouldn’t run for office, because I’m not willing to take the pay cut.”)

But I could be wrong about that.

The boys at HillBuzz are getting ready in case Palin does run in 2012, and starting to place her book strategically around their part of Chicago; they suggest that this be done in Iowa as well:

Today, we bought our copies of Going Rogue here in Chicago. Not knowing we were buying them, several friends bought extra copies when they bought theirs, and so we’re going to have extra books later tonight.

Tomorrow, we are taking three of those to the assisted living centers/nursing homes here in Boystown to donate them to the little libraries they have there.

Old people are the most dependable, regular voters out there… and they typically default vote Democrat. But, this crazy assault on Medicare that is the Utopiacare plan has seniors scared. If they also happen to read Going Rogue while in this frame of mind, we figure it might earn Palin some friends in unexpected places.

We had the idea that in a few months, when Palin’s book goes on sale and there are copies on Amazon for a few dollars a piece, we’re going to start buying up as many of the books as we can and take them into Iowa the next trip we take there.

Then, we’re going to drive to all the nursing homes we can find, hospitals too, and slip the books into their libraries. We will put them right on the shelves. Someone there will read them. Either the residents and patients, or the family members visiting there.

We also think it’s a smart idea to donate books to private school libraries. We remember going to private school and the libraries rarely ever got new books as there weren’t any funds for that. So, they will gladly take free copies to add to their current events and political studies collections.

We’re speaking directly to Sarah Palin supporters here: you should really come up with a plan for the months and years ahead to get as many people in Iowa to read this book as possible. PARTICULARLY people who normally default vote Democrat but can be persuaded to back Sarah in 2012.

You should be operating as if she is already running for President . . . .

Wait to buy the extra books for donation so you can get them for pennies on the dollar once they hit the used market…but we think it would be an ingenious move to get those to the nursing homes, hospitals, and private schools. Wherever there is a book shelf for people to read books for free, slip a copy in. In Chicago, some coffee shops and restaurants or hotels have these reading shelves. Bed & Breakfasts, saunas, some gyms, etc.

This could actually become a little game we could all play. Maybe in each book we write the address for, right in the hardcover, so that anyone reading the book could get more scoop on Palin from that great site.

And, it would be a fun way to do some volunteering too. Because while you are slipping those books into the libraries of hospitals and nursing homes, you could be chatting with the residents who don’t get visitors…not necessarily about Sarah, but just about life, listening to their stories, and then maybe talking about Sarah and what she will do to save Medicare.

Just saying.

There could be a lot of fun opportunities to campaign for her and do some good at the same time.

That’s a great idea, whether she runs or not.

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smitty November 19, 2009 at 5:26 pm

No way to tell short of letting the history unfold.
However, there seems 0 value to Sarah in tipping her hand early, and massive value in rolling out a getting-to-know-you sort of book that has exactly this much => …
about the future.
Sarah’s is the waiting game, where diplomatic, military, and economic events communicate far more effectively than anything she could say the degree to which the country has frobnicated itself this last century.


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