Someone Please Go “Second” Cynthia for the Blogress Diva Awards.

by Little Miss Attila on December 16, 2009

In the meantime, she publishes a rather delicious mini-rant that purports to address the term “dyke” as a generic term for “lesbian.” (Personally, I’m so burned out on semantics I’ve been known to refer to lesbians as “gay women” now and then, even though I realize that this supposedly contributes to the putative invisibility of lesbians within the community.)

Of course, being me, I read dear Cynthia’s rant as being more about the very real sexism in the lesbian community—one that extends to some straight tall women as well. There is a persistent belief that anyone short or feminine or slightly good-looking must be sort of an idiot.

And it is sexism, because it is an intrinsic association of anything that strikes such people as “feminine” with being dense, or incompetent, or whatever.*

Should Cynthia win, I wonder what we will do to make up the assonance deficit, given that she’d prefer to eschew the “dyke diva” label. Hm. “Sapphist Queen.” “Regal Invert.” “Woman-Indentified Monarch.” “Benevolent Ruler of the Blogress Community.” “Distaff Ambassador to the Blogosphere.”

I’ll work on that.

* And, yes: I can in fact be dense. Like everyone, I have my blind spots. But I’m not incompetent, and I’m not a child.

UPDATE: One of my favorite things I’ve been told in person by fellow bloggers happened in the wake of the first blogress Diva contest I was nominated for. Tammy Bruce was there at the breakfast table, so the Diva contest came up and Dan remarked that I might not have as many readers as some of my competitors, but that they were extraordinarily loyal.

That kind of rawked.

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Peter December 17, 2009 at 1:42 pm

Okay, I seconded her so please stop hitting me!


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