Treacher on Cuba

by Little Miss Attila on February 25, 2010

Yeah. Iowahawk and his friends drive cars from the 1950s out of choice, and they can find parts with which to restore and repair them. There’s a freakin’ difference between that and seeing the current incarnation of Cuba as something charming and quaint—as long as you don’t have to live under the conditions its non-elite residents endure. Sean Medlock spanks Playboy magazine for its asinine romanticism:

What is it about Cuba that turns otherwise sane people into drooling statists? Yeah, keep talking about their top-notch medical system. That’s why 26 patients in a Cuban mental hospital recently died during a cold snap. It got all the way down to 38. Couldn’t the hospital staff have given them, I dunno, blankets or something? Oh, sorry, that must’ve been the authenticity. Pardon my arrogant capitalist pigheadedness.

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