It’s Too Soon for Stories About R.L. Hymers.

by Little Miss Attila on April 9, 2010

But James Taranto is running early. Taranto met Bobby Sue once, as an intern. He found him “personable,” which is of course what you would expect of any cult leader.

Even one who winks at rape and counsels his flock to pray for the deaths of public figures.

For the record, I don’t pray for Hymers’s death—only that he will find the Lord for real.

h/t: MM

UPDATE, 5/18/2010:

1) People have informed me that it looks really bad when I write down Hitler’s birthday as the 10th, instead of the 20th. Point taken. Of course, I also got Cannibis Day wrong this year.

2) Taranto updated this, with the first documentation I’ve seen of an R.L. Hymers, Jr., apology/expression of regret:

On April 9 . . . we retold a story from 1986 about a fundamentalist minister, R.L. Hymers, who prayed for the death of Justice William Brennan. We received a letter–an old-fashioned one, printed on paper–from Hymers, who is still pastor of the Baptist Tabernacle of Los Angeles:

As I have said many times, I regret that I led this imprecatory prayer to God to remove the Supreme Court justice in 1986. I wish I had not done that and I would never do it again. I believe that Christian leaders should stand up for the right to life, but my prayer was wrong-headed. It might have led to violence, and it was not according to the teachings of Jesus in such passages as Luke 9:54-56. If you write again on the subject, I hope that you will let your readers know that I am embarrassed at having said such a prayer and would never do it again.

Presumably that apology also applies to hiring a plane to fly over outdoor rallies, trailing a banner that read: “Pray for death: Baby-Killer Brennan.”

Still, it’s impressive. If only it had not been followed, within days, by another legal threat to this writer for merely linking to Taranto’s article of 5/9. Well—one cannot have everything.

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Robert L. Hymers III Indicted for Grand Theft Auto, Identity Theft, Fraud
June 7, 2011 at 8:34 pm

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