The President Is Not a Liberal

by Little Miss Attila on May 11, 2010

. . . in either sense of the word. Get it through your heads, kids.

The White House has badly fumbled the issue of Elena Kagan’s orientation. I’m on the record as not caring, and I think it’s fine if “only her hairdresser knows for sure,” but the way the Administration is acting as if the very notion that Kagan might be gay is utterly horrifying has me making a batch of popcorn and giggling maniacally.


Did the WH not get the memo that Kagan’s not only a lesbian, but that she’s not really concerned about who knows it? Two days ago it would have been totally unremarkable if she walked out of a Georgetown or Cambridge restaurant holding her girlfriend’s hand. Now it would be a national event.

Because the Obama administration decided to make Kagan’s sexual orientation a capital-t Thing, she’s now in a position where either it looks like she’s hiding her homosexuality to advance her judicial career or – if she acknowledges she’s a lesbian – it looks like she’s being chased out of the closet. This isn’t as openly insulting as when the White House blasted concerned gay activists for being part of an Internet left fringe. But in a way it’s even more denigrating.

“Don’t worry Elena. This administration will mobilize all of our considerable resources to defend you from these venomous smears.”


Of course the real losers here are Obama worshiping journalists. Many had already sketched out their hosannas to modern Lincoln, focusing on the bravery it took to nominate “the first openly gay Supreme Court justice.” In their minds the most stirring grafs had already been written, describing how The One had casually dismissed his advisers’ concerns about endangered Blue Dogs, grandly intoning that the eternal cause of equality must not be sacrificed at the altar of petty electoral concerns. Certainly there wouldn’t be a repeat of last June, when reporters had eagerly celebrated – and then had to rewrite – stories about Obama extending robust domestic benefits to gay couples.

If only they had known that the existence of Kagan’s girlfriend is “a false charge.”

It looks like a hamfisted attempt was made to have it both ways here—to nominate someone commonly assumed to be a lesbian, yet retain plausible deniability about it—possibly to assuage the feelings of black church congregations and/or Muslims, or possibly because they were too busy playing golf to think it all through.

The White House, instead of suppressing articles from the left that discussed Kagan’s orientation, should have simply said, “we didn’t ask. If you’re curious, go check with her.”

Now, they just look unserious.

On Gaygate:

More Yockey

Meanwhile, I’m reassured by what I’m reading about the caliber of Kagan’s intellect. She’s gotten off to a rocky start with the other Justices, but that can be overcome in time. She’s clearly not a fire-breathing radical, for what that’s worth.

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DavidL May 11, 2010 at 1:10 pm

Why would Dim Won want to put anybody on the Supreme Court who would look smarter than him? Given the Wise Latina snd She with No Judicial Experience, Obama’s standads are indeed low.


Little Miss Attila May 11, 2010 at 3:23 pm

Not the first time we’ve had a non-judge in SCOTUS.


Darrell May 12, 2010 at 3:28 am

Can we see all the notes and greeting cards Kagan and Obama exchanged over the years? How about scratch paper for evidence of “Barack” surrounded by little hearts, excessive repetition, or Latin incantations? There once was a woman named Harriet . . .


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