Robert Leslie Hymers, III, Sort-Of “Reports” Me to the FBI.

by Little Miss Attila on May 31, 2010

For your fisking/snarking pleasure. First, the attorney’s cover note:

Boren Osher & Luftman LLP
5900 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 920
Los Angeles, CA 90036
[phone numbers redacted]

April 28, 2010

[J.S.K., Esq., at his work address]
[D.R., at his home address]

Joy Whittemore McCann
[home address redacted, of course]

Re: Robert Leslie Hymers, III

Dear Ms. McCann and Messrs. K—– and R——–:

This firm represents Robert Leslie Hymers III. Please direct all further communications regarding this matter to our attention. Our client has asked us to forward you the enclosed copy of a letter he sent to the Federal Bureau of Investigation on April 18, 2010. We hereby demand that you cease and desist from any further harassment of our client, his father, Robert L. Hymers, Jr. and/or the Baptist Tabernacle of Los Angeles.

Very Truly Yours,


Jeremy J. Osher

Well, okay. Is he a true believer, or a whore? Just curious.

Young Robert Leslie Hymers apparently faxed the letter below to his attorney—who represents both him and his father, R.L. Hymers, Jr. (and perhaps the Baptist Tabernacle as well, to increase the conflicts of interest)—at 10:30 a.m. on April 28th. (The “from” line is deleted on the fax; it might have been sent from the home that Hymers the Elder shares with his wife, Ileana, and two sons [the stalker-namesake, and the other one]. Or it might have shipped out from the accounting firm where his son Leslie works, which I of course will not identify and forbid my commenters from naming hereunder.)

It gets real fun, real soon:

April 18, 2010

Federal Bureau of Investigation [Leslie must be so lonely! No agent to call his own!]
11000 Wilshire Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90024

Dear Sirs: [JWM here: There are no women in the FBI; you can rest assured of that!]

This letter is a follow-up to the one I sent to your office on July 28, 2008 regarding a series of harassments against my father, Robert L. Hymers, Jr., which also involves me because my name is Robert L. Hymers III, and anything written against my father reflects on me. Since my last correspondence with your office Ms. Joy Whittemore McCann (aka “Little Miss Attila”) has continued to use religious “hate speech” to harass and stalk my father, as evidenced on the attached material from her blog ( Ms. McCann put a picture of herself carrying her Ruger .357 pistol next to one of the blog postings she made against my father, with a sinister look on her face (see attachments). Some of her attacks on my father have included references to her guns and an historical massacre of Christians, i.e., French Huguenots. Although she has had no direct contact with my father for about 35 years, she continues to harass, defame and threaten him. In my opinion her fixation on my father amounts to obsessive-compulsive behavior, which I think may cause her to burst into violence at any time. [So why is it that you won’t assign me a case number, or a couple of special agents? My father and I are genuine, bona-fide victims! My fixation on my father, with whom I live at the age of 26, just pales to that of this weird broad who reminisces about his church/cult a couple of times per year.]

Ms. McCann is a member of a secret (closed) organization called “RLHymers-watcher.” The stated purpose of this closed group is to watch and track “the behavior and beliefs of R. L. Hymers, the ‘Fuehrer” of the Fundamentalist Baptist Tabernacle” (quoted from the front page of their site). “This is a ‘closed list,” i.e., reserved and private for ex-members to…oppose Hymers and the Hymerites.” Thus, this organization clearly fits the description of a religious “hate group.” [No possibility that it’s simply a therapeutic group for those who went through similar traumatic experiences together.]

This secret organization has been established for the express purpose of harassing my father, destroying his life, and getting him fired from his job. [Thanks; I’d wondered what my intention was; RLHIII–you are BRILLIANT!] The leader of this group is [redacted, Mr. D.R.]. A leading member of the group is attorney named [redacted, Mr. J.S.K.]. Their addresses are as follows:

[D.R. name and address]
[J.S.K. name and address at his place of employment, with his business phone number]

Ms. Whittemore McCann’s address is as follows:

[J.W.M. name and address at her home—with her husband’s name added to the listing. As most of you know, my name is not on the title/deed to my home, so young Robert Leslie had to dig to find both those data. I hope he got some pleasure out of his detective work.]

I am attaching two of the latest postings that Ms. Whittemore McCann has put on her website. These include a posting which says that my father “brainwashed” a person, and a second posting which speaks of “how horrible he was and is” (referring to my father). [For the record, he brainwashed a lot of people. And he was and is quite horrible.]

To further frighten and harass my father, two days before his sixty-ninth birthday, Ms. McCann posted the words, “I don’t pray for Hymers’ death.” It is this kind of speech that frightens my father and our whole family. What does she mean, “I don’t pray for Hymers’ death”? Why does she consistently [consistently? Huh?] talk about my father’s death? Why does she show a picture of herself with a pistol next to a blog posting about him? [it’s all about him.] Why does she obsessively attack my father for something she says occurred when she was 14 years old, a third of a century ago? I fear that she will soon attack him in a violent way. She calls her pistol “Bathsheba,” which is the name of a biblical character that had sexual relations with King David. Ms. McCann said, “I love that revolver.” I fear that she is stalking my father and may shoot him.

[JWM here: Valium is your friend. Word.]

She has been led on by [D.R.] and [J.S.K.], and their hate group, of which she is a member, “RLHymers-watcher.” On the front of this website they call my father “the Fuehrer.” The group’s stated purpose is “to oppose Hymers and the Hymerites” (statements quoted from the front page of their website). [D.R.] and [J.S.K.] have led Joy Whittemore McCann into these threats and acts of “cyber-bullying” against my father, and that they are in fact in league with her in stalking my father, and have encouraged her to do so. They even held a meeting with her and other members of this group in [J.S.K.’s] house, according to one of the members who was present and later told us about it. I am requesting that the FBI enter this closed “religious hate” site and review the posted material, since I am afraid that some of the members are conspiring to attack my father ( I am also requesting that the FBI monitor the contents of this site periodically to deter them from an act of violence against my father. [Oh, that would be fun for the special agents: months of silence, and then a spirited debate over Green Acres vs. Petticoat Junction. And then the ongoing knock-on-and-drag-out over whether it would be worth it for Household X to buy a turntable, so the members thereof could listen to their vinyl records. Our taxpayer dollars at work!]

I am asking you to continue to investigate this matter, and to keep an open file on Joy Whittemore McCann, [D.R.], and [J.S.K.]. I am also requesting that you keep an open file on the people, and conversations, you find in the “RLHymers-watcher” group. In the event that my father is attacked or killed, this might provide helpful information and evidence. Please contact me directly if you need any additional information.

Very Truly Yours,

Robert Leslie Hymers III
[address and phone number redacted]


Context is best provided by referring to the “Robert L. Hymers, Jr.” page. The first blogpost briefly explains my involvement with the Hymers cult, when I was a teenager in the 1970s. This will also clarify my allusion to Hymers’ infamous “death prayer” some weeks ago; The Wall Street Journal reviewed that media firestorm recently, and of course it was that article that inspired my posting on the issue, rather than knowing when Hymers’ birthday is. My memory is good, but it’s not that good.

Young Leslie’s involvement in “defending” his father begins in the comments section to this post, which it breaks my heart to link.

So, how did I respond to the Attorney Osher’s letter, and the enclosed set of hysterical accusations from young (26 year-old) Robert Leslie? I emailed the kid, and tried to make him see reason:

Re: Please discontinue the threats.

Dear Mr. Hymers:

I will, for the last time, clarify here my intentions toward your father, and I will explain a few of the reasons you must never again send me—directly, or through your attorney—any threatening notes, ever again.

1) My relationship with your father is one that any member of the new media might have with a public figure he or she was/is critical of. I do not hold your father responsible for everything that happened to me when I was a member of your church. I do not hold him responsible for my life since that time—the good or the bad. But your father ran a cult that used the Lord’s name to abuse and control people—many of them from troubled backgrounds. To my knowledge he has never repented of this, nor sought forgiveness from those he harmed.

The damage I suffered was minor, but there were others, and it is for those people that I continue to write about my experiences in your father’s cult, from time to time. It isn’t an obsession, but neither is it something I intend to stop doing.

2) You are a young person, and I do not think it is a good idea for you to drag yourself into the public eye—especially by placing yourself in the middle of a dispute that you have no real part of. This matter concerns events that occurred before you were born. What your attorney was thinking by forwarding that nutty letter you sent the FBI to a blogger, a citizen journalist, is beyond me. It was an unwise move. My first impulse was to publish it, but that would be a shame. Mr. Hymers, the internet is forever. Please don’t do this to yourself. Please.

3) As always, I will continue to explain that I bear no ill will toward your father, and would not want to see him harmed in any way. However, as long as he is still a member of the ministry, teaching his twisted version of the gospel to people, I have an obligation to document what happened in his cult. Its effect on me personally is not terribly important, in the overall scheme of things. But just as your father continues (I assume) to denounce those whom he considers to be false teachers, I must continue to criticize him. There is no reason he should get a pass.

If R.L. Hymers, Jr., repents of his abusive ways, apologizes to at least a few of the thousands he has harmed, or renounces preying on vulnerable people who are looking for God, I will take my posts about him down. If not, I will not.

4) I alone am responsible for the contents of my blog; I receive no assistance from Mr. K—– or Mr. R——–. If I ever allow them to post at Little Miss Attila, I will surely make certain they sign those entries, to avoid confusion.

5) I’m truly sorry for what you’ve gone through. You must have had a hard life. I’ve heard a little bit about it, and I can only imagine the rest. But be aware that any further threats from you will absolutely be met with publication of those threats, plus the one I opened over this past weekend.

I will pray for you, and hope that you can someday receive the grace of God, who loves you and wants to heal you through Christ Jesus.

All best,

Joy Whittemore McCann

Needless to say, I got another threatening letter from the attorney the following week. Hence, this post.

UPDATE: The blogosphere exploded! Here’s Eric. There’s also James, Stacy, Glenn, Dan, Moe, and Camp of the Saints Bob.

Thanks, guys! And I’m sure Robert Leslie Hymers III appreciates your efforts to make him famous.

UPDATE II: The letter by which Jeremy Osher and the Hymers guys decided, apparently, that they did want me to publish more about them, is here.

UPDATE III: The Italian Stallion weighs in! Da TechGuy supports me against the Hymerses. Though Bob and Leslie should be most concerned about the kicker: they might get truly saved in spite of themselves. Because he now considers them enemies, Da TechGuy will be praying for them both! (And, BTW, all of DTG’s spiritual roads lead to Rome.)

UPDATE IV: And Cynthia is very impressed at the way Robert L. Hymers III has made his mark on the world. No one can say that I didn’t warn the kid not to continue, though. I mean, I begged him not to do this to himself. Still . . . one hopes he pulls away from his father someday. Word is, he does everything his dad tells him to: total Stockholm Syndrome.

UPDATE V: More from Camp of the Saints Bob.

UPDATE VI, 6/4/10: Nicholas chimes in, with a couple of minor flaws in the chronology (spawned by my clumsy retelling, I fear—it’s gotten so complicated, especially in the past year) but the basic story quite soundly reported. Roxeanne de Luca is amused by RLH III’s self-destructive actions:

If this young man wants to be a lawyer, and has yet to be accepted to law school, he will have the joy of explaining this little entanglement with the legal system on every law school application that he fills out. When he sits for the bar exam and attempts to be licensed in a state, he must also disclose this, in sufficient detail to enable the Character and Fitness committees to determine if he should be set loose upon the country with the ability to practise law. None of those various procedures require one to disclose whether or not one’s father is a cult leader; however, every personal encounter with the legal system must be discussed.

My advice for any future lawyer: everything from your admittance into law school to your ability to be licensed rests on your character, which is often narrowly defined as “avoiding run-ins with the legal system”. Do not get so much as a speeding ticket or be a day late on a bill and the next few years of your life will be easier. With that said, you would have to be markedly stupid to actually seek out questionable positions with respect to the law; if you care about even starting this career, please avoid doing things like siccing the FBI on a woman whom you’ve never met because your tender feelings can’t handle what she has to say about your daddy.

Well, of course, I don’t imagine he ended up siccing anyone on me, except his dad and the hack-writer attorney, Jeremy J. Osher, they share. And I still feel sorry for the kid; it’s been speculated that one of the reasons he’s being herded into law school is that Dr. Hymers (Hymers Jr.) desperately wants an attorney in the family—to cut costs, you see. If that theory is correct, his dad has no intention of slowing down in his cultic practices. They want to silence me like they silenced the evangelical Christian writer on cultic practices who once named names in an article, but took out the name of Hymers’ church and the other cultic churces when his book came out—because H2 threatened him with legal action and otherwise made his life so hard that he stood down.

I don’t stand down.

But my heart genuinely aches for a kid whose father is charismatic and must seem larger than life—but places few limits on his personal behavior and takes pride in controlling those who look up to him, to a pathological degree.

If a vulnerable girl with daddy issues feels compelled to write about this man’s impact on her life over three decades later, how deep must the scars be on someone under his sway for 26 years, who has no other father in his life at all?

UPDATE VII: Overlawyered points out that the term “cyber-bullying” can be misused, when placed in the hands of unscrupulous attorneys.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
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{ 22 comments… read them below or add one }

Erik S June 1, 2010 at 4:20 am

“when I was a teenager in the 1970s”


There must be some kind of mistake.

I thought you were a teenager in the 1990s…


enoch_root June 1, 2010 at 4:31 am

Miss Attila – I must congratulate you on two counts: 1) not being intimidated by this flea, and 2) showing him mercy by not embarrassing him with his own words.

Also, I would like to bestow upon you honorary status as Grand Duke of the Order of the Unreasonable Man, which is afforded to those who will not kneel to any man or earthly power in matters where principled truth is threatened. I so present you with this title on behalf of our current benefactor, Dan Collins.


Joe June 1, 2010 at 4:37 am

I am sorry you had to go through this all these years and it is not over yet. But it is a good example of “run, don’t walk” when anyone encounters anything remotely like this.


Crabtree June 1, 2010 at 5:48 am

Huh, you know, I actually had a distant relative who was excommunicated from the Catholic church back in the late 1700s for sexual practices and failure to attend mass. Mind you, he WAS the bishop…and he DID steal all the money from the parishes under his jurisdiction… and he DID flee Ireland to Australia with his cousin’s wife…. Ok, his excommunication may have actually been justified.

As a corollary, the prison colony in Australia he tried to settle in turned him away as a “bad element.” My family has always said that it was the English blood in him that did it, that branch of the family being notorious scoundrels.


setnaffa June 1, 2010 at 5:51 am

Here’s hoping the Hymer’s actually get saved!


Stacy June 1, 2010 at 6:08 am

I would like to state for the record, Joy has ALWAYS had that picture of herself with her pistol. Geezuz. Way to assume there douchebag.


Misha Kornyenko June 1, 2010 at 6:54 am

When I read the lawyer’s letter I was reminded of a similar Cease and Desist letter I received from attorneys of the “Church” of Scientology. I had been protesting their human rights abuses, of which there are plenty, and their private investigators got my license plate number to track me down and threaten me.

There are hundreds of cults that people just laugh off as silly when they do extraordinary amounts of damage. The International Cultic Studies Association (ICSA) estimates that 4 million people in the US have been affected by cults.

“Disconnection”, i.e., forcing cult members to permanently cut off all relationship with family and friends is one of the cruelest abuses. Their are mothers who have not seen their children for 5,10, and even 30years.

If anyone who reads your blog has been affected by a cult or lost a family member I urge them to contact ICSA:

I am glad you are taking your threat head on and letting the blogosphere know about this. I am glad also that Glenn Reynolds linked to you today.


Lipton T. Bagg June 1, 2010 at 7:16 am

So I guess cultists and Liberals have something else in common – never letting facts get in the way of publishing a good smear.

Joy, you know our prayers (real ones) are for you and yours. And I hope you know God is a loving God. His arms have always been open wide for you. No cultist scumbag can change that.



Bob Belvedere June 1, 2010 at 7:46 am

Joy: With you all the way on this one.

Quoted from and Linked to at:
Robert Leslie Hymers III: Pipsqueak / Weasel


tweell June 1, 2010 at 8:16 am

So, a person exercising their 2nd amendment rights is scary to an abuser? Good. By the way, Mr. Robert Hymers III, since Instapundit picked this up, your complaint has been spread far and wide over the Internet. Congratulations!


Rich Vail June 1, 2010 at 8:20 am

WOW, sounds like the 3rd is an idiot. Perhaps he’s projecting his own thoughts, hopes, desires upon you, Miss Atilla. Stupidity has a thousand faces and RLH3 is merely one of them.

I wouldn’t worry too much.


MNRobot June 1, 2010 at 8:54 am

That apple didn’t fall far from the tree. I would take away that since he hasn’t been assigned a case number or agant(s) that they are well aware of the nuttiness that surrounds these guys. Hopefully the FBI is working on a case against them.
Keep up the good fight Joy. Praying for you and yours.


newton June 1, 2010 at 9:09 am


You’re a jewel. An emerald, to be exact.

Don’t let them take you down. (I’m sure not to be the only one here to say it.) Others will read what you have written and warn others of the danger you have exposed. The vulnerability of so many people to cults and cult figures has increased exponentially over the years, precisely because too many have chosen not to believe God. That’s why they will believe anything. Yet, the door of hope is still open.

Keep up the good work!

P.S. I don’t know if you caught this recently. I read something in the Concord (NH) Monitor last night that has boiled my blood. A 15-year-old girl was raped and impregnated by a church deacon and… well, you read it. You will be pissed.

It also involves the pastor of that church.


toadold June 1, 2010 at 9:23 am

You can do a lot of things with people……unless they are stupid. If they are stupid words don’t matter, reasoned argument doesn’t matter, kindness doesn’t matter, only hard consequences can sometimes modify their behavior.


Red June 1, 2010 at 11:44 am

I don’t know you but through some of the blogs we have commonly frequented (The Other McCain, And so it Goes In Shreveport, TCOTS, etc.) but I am supportive of your stand against cult bullies. God will not be mocked.


Little Miss Attila June 1, 2010 at 1:41 pm

Thank you all for your support; it means a lot to me.


TubbyHubby June 1, 2010 at 6:19 pm

Heh. Seems the young pup never learned how Christianity survived in its earliest days. Prayers, support and shelter to you whenever needed, Little Miss – from a thousand thousand strangers. For the one who whispers to the Praetori? Not so much…


EmeraldJoe June 1, 2010 at 8:17 pm

“….with a sinister look on her face….” I truly cannot imagine your face with a “sinister” look on it. That hardly seems possible. Mischievous maybe, but never sinister.


Darrell June 2, 2010 at 12:56 am

So a reasonable prudent person could avoid your “stalking” by just not showing up here to read your words or look at your “threatening” pictures–like the time you had that picture of your foot in a post. Obviously, a thinly-veiled threat if I ever saw one! I can only conclude that Junior is not a reasonable prudent person.

Note to FBI–LMA is an advocate of firearms training, safety, and self-protection—particularly as it applies to women. One would expect to see pictures illustrating that fact and appropriate words during this Blog’s entire history.


TXMarko June 2, 2010 at 6:05 am

I believe that young RLH III is about to discover the meaning of the Streisand Effect.


Andy S June 29, 2010 at 6:19 pm

I am with you!!!


David Chamberlain July 12, 2011 at 8:17 pm

Joy, I ready your story and my wife remembers you when I shared this with her. I attended the “Corporation” (as a group of us defectors refer to it) for a few years, from ’85 to 88 or about. Having worked at few very large law firms while living in L. A. I can certainly say that’s a very weak intimidation tactic by that shyster lawyer. Hopefully, one of the Hymers or their zombie followers will read my comment and try to sick the authorities on me. Here, I’ll even give them the scenerio as to why I am a dangerous former member of this cult. As determined by our own Justice Dept.. President, Nancy Pelosi and fellow libtards, I am a potential domestic terrorist thrreat of the worse kind! You see, I am a Gulf War Military Veteran, decorated at that (received 3 medals during my tour of duty in Kuwait alone, not to mention my other accomadations), I am a conservative Christian AND I own weapons, infact, an ARSENAL according to L.A. and Caliwhacky standards. As you can see I am a clear and present danger to society! Perhaps this will help to relieve some of the pressure off of you. I hope you are doing well.


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