And The Second Threatening Letter from the Hymerses’ Attorney

by Little Miss Attila on June 1, 2010

This is the one that triggered my publishing Robert Leslie Hymers III’s “FBI Letter” last night. In yet another twist on this strange story, it’s addressed to another cult survivor, who is accused of somehow inducing me to write about my childhood memories of the cult.

I have no idea whether this is because Dr. Robert Hymers, Jr. cannot imagine a woman doing things of her own volition, or whether he just wants to get back at one of his most promising former ministers. (Yes: in addition to being an attorney, Mr. JSK is a fully qualified “Reverend.” He was a pastor at one of our “house churches” back in the 1970s. My church: the one in West Los Angeles. Virtually all of the former elders of that time are now opponents of Hymerism.)

Jeremy Osher uses brackets within this letter, so I’ll use curly brackets for my insertions.

Boren Osher & Luftman LLP
5900 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 920
Los Angeles, CA 90036
{phone numbers redacted}

May 11, 2010


J—— S—- K—–, Esq.
{business address at his downtown law firm}

Re: Robert Leslie Hymers III

Dear Mr. K—–:

Please recall that this firm represents Robert Leslie Hymers III.

On May 3, 2010, our client received an e-mail from Joy McCann in regards to the complaint he filed with the Federal Bureau of Investigation. A copy of the May 3rd McCann e-mail is enclosed herewith for ease of reference. Our client is informed and believes that you are a member of the same hate group (the “Hymers-watcher”) as Ms. McCann and that you have provided legal counsel to Ms. McCann and/or other members of the group. Accordingly, you should be aware of the points made by Ms. McCann in her May 3rd e-mail and our client’s response to the same:

1. Ms. McCann said, “I do not hold him [Dr. Hymers] responsible for everything that happened to me when I was a member of your church.” Ms. McCann said, “The damage I suffered was minor.” “I bear no ill will toward your father.” If these statements are true, she should walk away and stop publicly defaming Dr. Hymers.

2. Ms. McCann said, “You are a young person, and I do not think it is a good idea for you to drag yourself into the public eye.” Our client already is in the “public eye,” because his name is the same as his father’s. The message of the “Hymers-watcher” religious hate group, of which you and Ms. McCann are members, has already disparaged the name of Robert L. Hymers across the world via the Internet. Our client not only has nothing to lose by defending his father but he is obligated to do so because of the name they share.

3. Ms. McCann says that Dr. Hymers has abused people. The irony is that you and your group have abused and harmed Dr. Hymers, his family, and his church, even though you have been gone from the church for nearly thirty years. It would seem to a casual observer that the members of your secret group (Hymers-watcher) are the ones practicing introverted, cultic behavior. It would also seem that the sole reason for the existence of your group is to harass, defame, and abuse Dr. Hymers, his family and his church.

4. Ms. McCann threatens to publish the letter from our client on her blog, Please be advised that if Ms. McCann publishes our client’s letter to the FBI but edits it in any way, we have advised our client to publish the entirety of the letter on his father’s website, indluding your name and the address of your firm, and the name and address of your associate, D—– J—- R——–.

5. Ms. McCann said, “that would be a shame…the internet is forever.” She is right about that, Mr. K—–, but it works both ways, for you and Mr. R——– as well.

6. Ms. McCann says that my client has threatened her. He has not. He has only reported her aggressive threats, and her involvement in the religious hate group “Hymers-watcher,” to the FBI. This was no threat. It was simply a report to the FBI of the nature of your “religious hate group” (Hymers-watcher) and the strange hints and suggestions of violence that a member of your group, Ms. McCann, has put on her blog.

7. Dr. Robert L. Sumner has written many books on the cults and cultic activity. He has done an in-depth study of Dr. Hymers’ church, and the charges brought against it by you, and subsequently by your organization (Hymers-watcher). If you have information that Dr. Sumner has not already seen, why have you not sent it to him? He is a very tough journalist, and has often reported aberrations in Baptist churches. You, Ms. McCann, and your entire group have had Dr. Sumner’s address and phone number for years and yet you refuse to contact him, likely for fear of learning the falsity of your accusations. {Actually, Mr. R met with Sumner some years back, with another survivor of the Hymers cult; he brought plenty of documentation with him. The reaction to the stories of abuse was “this is old news.” The rest of us haven’t heard from this “tough journalist” at all—not even after Mr. K was mentioned in a piece about Dr. Hymers in the Los Angeles Times in the late 1980s.}

We firmly believe that you and your hate group already know Dr. Hymers’ church is not a cult, and that the sole purpose of your group is to harass and embarrass Dr. Hymers, his church and family because of perceived wrongs perpetrated against you by Dr. Hymers and his church decades ago. Our client and his father believe it is time for the FBI to look into your “closed” group and monitor what you are saying to each other behind “closed doors.”

We once again demand that you, Ms. McCann and Mr. R——– cease and desist from any further harassment, intimidation and defamation of our client, his father or his father’s church. Our suggestion to each of you is that you abandon your “hate group” and move on with your lives. Please convey this message to Ms. McCann and Mr. R——– in the strongest possible terms, becasue rest assured, our client, who is 26 years old and destined for law school himself, will continue to uphold his father’s good name and will be a thorn in your side for many years to come. {Did they really mean to compare JSK to St. Paul? And how can someone be “destined” for law school? Oh, well.}

This letter is not intended to be a complete recitation of the facts regarding the improper conduct by you and your hate group. All of our client’s rights and remedies are hereby expressely reserved.

Very truly yours,



Jeremy J. Osher


cc: Mr. D—– J—- R——–
Ms. Joy Whittemore McCann
Dr. Robert L. Sumner

My response:

Joy W. McCann
Little Miss Attila Online Magazine
{Joy’s business address}

Mr. Jeremy J. Osher
Boren, Osher & Luftman, L.L.P.
5900 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 920
Los Angeles, CA 90036

May 21, 2010

Dear Mr. Osher:

What an interesting letter you wrote to J— K—–! I hope J— appreciated it.

Without getting into all the silly things you said in your letter to Mr. K—– on May 11, 2010—and without hassling my legal representation about such trifles—I do want to clear up a few points:

1) I do not have an attorney-client relationship with J— K—–.

2) I have only laid eyes on J— two or three times over the past 30 years. I like him; I think he has a great mind. But we are not close friends. This intimation that he somehow controls my behavior is strange and spooky.

3) There is a huge logical disconnect between complaining that an email list/Yahoo group is “secret” and operates “behind closed doors,” versus suggesting that the reason for that group’s existence is to “harass, defame, and abuse Dr. Hymers.” Perhaps you should all think that one through.

4) In my exchange with young Leslie on my website, I made the point that I refused to put my name on the title of my home, because I was tired of receiving anonymous threats from Dr. Hymers at my previous residence, and feared that he might track me down at this address. Young Leslie then made a point of figuring out who my husband was, and looking up my home address via my husband’s property records, rather than simply performing an internet search for me under my own name. This is stalking-type behavior, and very troubling when employed by a young man against a middle-aged woman. It is a dicey way for an adult male to behave, and it leaves me a bit fearful for my safety.

5) Your letter to J— states that I “have had Dr. Sumner’s address and phone number for years.” Actually, a glance through my Rolodex tells me that I do not. Would you be so kind as to

a) Forward this letter to him? and

b) Let him know that I’d be happy to have coffee with him, or grant/conduct a phone interview at some point? He may reach me at {phone number redacted}, or at {private email address redacted}. I’m sorry that time apparently did not permit him to speak with very many of Dr. Hymers’ critics before helping to formulate a “Response” to those critics for Dr. Hymers to publish last year. Perhaps next time.

6) What has D. R——– supposedly done? I’m still confused about that issue. He seems to weigh heavily on the minds of the Hymerses.

7) Our Yahoo group is actually pretty focused on politics, pop culture, and the like. We don’t discuss Dr. Hymers much. There is a fraternity among survivors of religious cults that is difficult to describe to outsiders. I hope that young Leslie is able to experience it one day for himself.

8 ) Point #4 on your letter causes me two concerns:

a) When attempting to manipulate someone into silence, it helps if one makes the thing one is extorting from him or her a matter over which he/she has control.

J—, for instance, has no control over what I do and do not publish on my blog. Therefore, your threat to “out” him professionally as a Hymers cult survivor, should I publish something you—or the Hymerses—don’t like, doesn’t really make sense.

b) If you advised young Leslie to “publish” material on his father’s website, did you also let him know that his doing so would suggest very strongly that he is colluding with his father, and vice versa? After all, it wouldn’t really be Leslie publishing it at all: it would be Dr. Hymers, who bears ultimate responsibility for what is posted thereon. So, too, your assertion about what Dr. Hymers “believes” about how Federal law enforcement should do its job creates doubt as to who, exactly, your real client is in this matter.

That leads me to this:

9) The notion that Leslie should be able to dictate what is written about his father makes no sense whatsoever, and you should abandon it. Who named him? His parents. You are skating awfully close to the classic definition of chutzpah.

In any event, I don’t see any reason that, for example, if Adolf Hitler had had a son and namesake, such a fact would preclude historians from criticizing the Chancellor of the Third Reich. That hypothetical young Adolf would have had to either cope with the unfortunate heritage, or change his name. So too with young Leslie; it’s none of my affair.

10) I do not hold out any particular hope that Dr. Robert L. Hymers will ever become a real man, by learning to take responsibility for his actions—much less develop a close personal relationship with Jesus Christ. I do, however, hold out both of those hopes for young Leslie, and he will remain in my fervent prayers. Please give him my best—but let him know that if he wants to go to law school, he must work on his writing skills and reasoning ability just a bit.

And he ought to learn to behave like a gentleman with respect to older ladies.

All best,

Joy Whittemore McCann

Cc: D. R——–
J. S. K—–
Joy McCann legal file, held for counsel: Robert L. Hymers, III, etc.

So, there it is.

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