Bruce Has a Nice Summary on the Israel/Flotilla Incident

by Little Miss Attila on June 1, 2010

Here. He also links to Yid with Lid, who has some excellent thoughts, and a handful of videos I should watch, but don’t want to. Sometimes violence just gets to me in ways it shouldn’t.

Sarah weighs in, as well—though I wish she’d stop saying “lamestream media.” I shall probably have to get used to that. You betcha!

UPDATE: Mere Rhetoric is covering the Flotilla Fuckfaces, as well.

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John June 2, 2010 at 4:21 am

Israel’s justification for boarding a ship in international waters? Simple: Anyone who refuses to submit to reasonable measures established to prevent support for terrorism can be reasonably assumed to be a terrorist supporter. Any person or organization which supports terrorism, regardless of where he/she/it happens to be, is a fair target for military action.

In this case, was the flotilla headed towards a designated port, where relief shipments are welcome, or was it trying for some other landing site? If the latter, they were terrorists, and deserved to have been sunk to the bottom of the Med.


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