Conservative Writers: Keeping “Bad Company” in the Intellectual Ghettoes to which They Have Been Banished

by Little Miss Attila on June 9, 2010

Ron Radosh, writing for Pajamas Media:

Hertzberg goes on to say I have “undeniably fallen into bad company,” that being primarily Pajamas Media and also my evident sin of writing for the Weekly Standard and Commentary. Somehow, Hertzberg neglects the flagship conservative magazine, National Review, for which I have written many articles and reviews. I don’t know if he would consider the Wall Street Journal “bad company” since I’ve written for them too. I am proud of all of my articles and reviews, and would not change a word of what I have written for any of these publications.

If I have fallen into this bad company, it is because other outlets in the so-called MSM somehow refuse to publish my articles and reviews. I do not think these articles are so far out that a credible open-minded magazine would not be able to run them, but somehow, that is not how their editors feel. I wish Hertzberg would look over some of these pieces. Even if it turns out he agrees with any of them, would he have let them into the New Yorker? To ask that question is to answer it.

What he leaves out is important. He praises me for knowing that “Joseph McCarthy was a liar and a scoundrel.” Indeed, that is my view. But he does not tell his readers that the most recent article I wrote reiterating that argument appeared in … National Review, the very magazine that at the time of Joe McCarthy’s influence supported him wholeheartedly! Writing soon after in the New York Times Book Review, David Oshinsky called my review of M. Stanton Evans’ recent book on McCarthy “devastating.”

I have a simple question to ask. Would the Nation, or the New Yorker for that matter, print an article by a conservative that sharply criticizes a book by a liberal writer they all revere? Such a review would have to be from a position not shared by any liberals. For example, an article on race and affirmative action by Abigail Thernstrom or Shelby Steele. Articles like the recent one attacking Paul Berman from the left are not evidence for Hertzberg’s argument. Show me one example, if there is any. Yet, National Review, even if some of their editors did not like it, ran my review of Evans and no one asked me to change one word. Could it be that conservative journals and magazines are more open-minded than liberal ones?

Why, yes. Yes, it could.

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Darleen Click June 9, 2010 at 1:28 pm

Could it be that conservative journals and magazines are more open-minded than liberal ones?

In the immortal words of one H. Simpson: “Do’ah.”


Otis June 9, 2010 at 7:58 pm

It’s not news that many conservatives are really classic Liberals. But liberals may be surprised to learn that we got there by having a truly open mind, and coming to a position after examining the facts. They always act as if they have a monopoly on truth, but they will never really go where it leads. While professing themselves to be free, they are the most imprisoned of all.


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