Obama Sez: The GOP Made Me Provide Sloppy Oversight, and BP Made Me Overreact.

by Little Miss Attila on June 11, 2010


So all that political capital that went into healthcare reform couldn’t have gone to reforming the Minerals Management Service?

And even if the Feds are somehow able to force BP to pay oil-rig workers lost wages due to this six-month, moratorium, it leaves open the questions of: 1) what about all of the other businesses that depend on drilling, and its personnel? What are they going to do for six months with no/little business during a deep recession in a devastated region of the country, and 2) what about all the rigs that won’t make it back into U.S.-controlled waters? The rigs are going overseas; it’s already started, and we will lose more of them permanently unless the White House reverses this ill-conceived moratorium.

Bruce has more; I’m going off to gouge my eyes out.

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