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by Little Miss Attila on April 6, 2011

Gone, Wisconsin!
Joan Kloppenburg has declared victory in the Wisconsin Supreme Court election – apparently winning by a margin of 204 votes – and thus dies whatever hope there had been for the state’s economic and political future.

Kloppenberg Declares Victory
Three bits of good news here. One: It was much closer than any of us thought it would be. I fully expected a four- or five-point Kloppenburg win given the left’s outrageously outrageous outrage over the collective bargaining law. A good omen for next year’s turnout. Two: As Kloppenburg’s own campaign acknowledges, because she won’t be sworn in until August, she probably won’t have a chance to rule on the collective bargaining law. She’ll be a stalwart hack for the left in opposing every other element of Walker’s agenda, needless to say, but on the key piece of legislation at stake, she’s likely arrived too late to do anything about it. And three: There is, I suppose, a chance of Prosser winning the recount, but after Norm Coleman and Joe Miller, how lucky do you feel?

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