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by Little Miss Attila on May 15, 2011

media bias?

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ponce May 15, 2011 at 10:34 am

I see the fringe right is trying to overcompensate for freaking out about a black artist getting invited to the White House.


R.C. May 15, 2011 at 6:52 pm

The fact is that Herman Cain is exactly the kind of man conservatives would deeply adore to put in the White House.

However, Herman Cain is saddled with three serious problems as a candidate, and only one can be plausibly overcome before the campaign begins in earnest.

Problem 1, MONEY: He lacks a really big war-chest, and money is critical to winning the White House, especially against a trillion-dollar candidate like Obama, beloved of all the wealthiest elites.

This deficit could be overcome in time, but it’ll be difficult.

Problem 2, RESUME: He has never held elective office. Granted, he has far more executive experience than the current White House occupant, and held positions with the Federal Reserve for some time, and was the runner-up for Senator from Georgia against a popular candidate when the opposition was split by a spoiler…, but that’s not quite the same as having won an election. He also has run companies, made payroll…the kinds of experience we need most, in fact. His real-world resume is three times that of Bush, and therefore nine times that of Clinton and twenty-seven times that of lightweight Obama.

But having never served in elective office will linger in folks’ minds. This problem can only be overcome by making the argument “Do you want another Washington insider?” The problem with that is: After four years of Obama’s gut-wrenching incompetence, folk are ready for a steady hand again. They might think that “a steady hand” equates to “an old pro politician.”

3. I hate to say this, but…his speaking style, dialect-wise, is against him.

Fictional character or not, Professor Henry Higgins of “My Fair Lady” was entirely correct: You can see a dirty guy in street clothes, but if he opens his mouth and starts talking like European nobility, your first impression of his clothes nearly vanishes and you assume he’s European nobility. Take a street urchin and teach her properly pronounced English, and an oily dialect coach will mistake her for Romanian (or was it Hungarian?) royalty.

But Herman Cain, unfortunately for the future of our country, talks rather like a black Baptist preacher from the South (no surprise; he’s served as one before). You can hear it when he pronounces words which end with “-ere” like “where”; they come out sounding like “whay-uh.”

This is a problem because all the coastal media elites, and perhaps a lot of independents, all think of black Baptist preachers as ignoramuses they’d be embarrassed to associate with. They think black Baptist preachers are all very well in their way, by which they mean “worth listening to, if you’ve an IQ below 100,” but absurd and contemptible as candidates for national public office (let alone the presidency).

Now in fact Herman Cain is a rather smart man. He probably has a few IQ points on G.W.Bush, let alone Obama, plus (not that this is saying much) far more executive talent, a more realistic worldview, and more practical wisdom.

Now conservatives, especially movement conservatives, are rather less bigoted than Democrats. So they’ll overlook the accent and focus on the substance.

But the Democrats in the coastal media (which is to say, 80% of all media outlets) will be their usual bigoted selves and shower Cain with contempt. They will simply not take the man seriously because of how he talks. This kind of media coverage will represent a 10% boost to Obama when the polls come in, easily.

No problem; they’d have done that anyway.

But I fear many independents will believe what the coastal media elites are saying more easily, because they’re conditioned to think that anyone who pronounces -ere as ay-uh will not know that. They will think the Republicans have nominated Jesse Jackson.

Thus Herman Cain will only get the Tea Party / core conservative vote. He will get far fewer of the independents than his intellect and talents merit. He may even lose the more urbanized country-club Republicans — people of the Kathleen Parker and Peggy Noonan variety.

And even the way things are in the country — even when it’s perfectly obvious to everyone that Tea Party ideas and ideals are the only thing capable of saving the country from ruin — you can’t win with just the conservative base.

That, I fear, is Cain’s biggest problem.


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