I Was Going to Celebrate Brett Kimberlin Day

by Little Miss Attila on May 25, 2012

. . . but I cannot imagine I’d be able to do it with the panache that Popehat brings to the subject.

Ken of Popehat also “gets” the most salient fact about the Kimberlin case, which is that although there is a political element to it, this is not a left-right issue—and, in fact, we should as a matter of policy be just as vigorous in defending speech we disagree with as speech we agree with. So, a liberal blogger offended Kimberlin, who filed suit against him. The liberal blogger was assisted on a pro bono basis by Aaron Worthing (Aaron Walker), who then found himself in Kimberlin’s (so far metaphorical, though the day is young) crosshairs. And Aaron was in turn helped by a liberal attorney who likewise has a commitment to free speech.

That’s all as it should be.

UPDATE: Brett Kimberlin is at the top of Memeorandum today, with a huge main thread and eight sub-threads. It’s very impressive. The premier must-read here is Patterico’s account of his “SWATting,” in which an individual who appears to be a Kimberlin associate called 911, impersonating Pat, and told them he had killed his wife. This led to a SWAT team showing up at his house in the middle of the night.

I would also glance at this this timely reminder from Ace about making sure that hackers don’t access your computer (never open an attachment unless you are sure it was sent to you on purpose, rather than by a virus using your friend’s account).

Now, check out this entry from Ace, which tells us what our next course of action should be: we need to start writing our state and U.S. representatives and Senators, and demanding 1) anti-SLAPP laws in states that don’t have them (California does), and 2) laws, preferably Federal ones, against “SWATting,” with huge penalties that are enhanced if this abuse of our law enforcement system occurs in an anti-free-speech context. Please see the end of Ace’s post for more on that.

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