R.L. Hymers’ History of Violence

by the Pirate on October 20, 2006

This includes: ransacking the surface of a church elder’s desk with the swipe of an arm; throwing chairs; slapping female parishioners; knocking over a rack that held religious booklets, sending hundreds of tiny Chick tracts fluttering onto the floor; stalking behavior (“staking out” the homes of people who left his church); breaking pulpits; striking male parishioners; shattering the glass in a framed document during a sermon leadership meeting, so the shards of glass landed in the first few rows of the assembly assembled elders; abusive language; spitting water from the pulpit.

Good work, Bob.

UPDATE: Corrected, 5/30/2010, due to an email from a former church member who clarified the incident in question. My apologies.

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