Well. You Want “Ovens.” Would That Be an Easy-Bake Oven?

by Little Miss Attila on January 3, 2009

At least when Jews are herded into camps, it is by other ethnic groups, rather than their own. And when they are killed, it is by their enemies, rather than their parents and aunts and uncles exhorting them to attain glorious fucking “martyrdom.”

I will not do the irrational Islamophobia thing. I will not do the reflexive anti-Islam thing. There are good, decent Muslims out there who do not take literally some of the wilder material in the Koran—just as I do not take literally (or see as a model for my own life) some of the violent imagery, sexism, and just crazy stuff in the Bible.

And: my sister is Syrian. My nephews are Syrian. So if you’re anti-Arab, talk to the Ruger .357, which is itching to ventilate you into Swiss fucking cheese.

But the death-cult fringes of Islamofascism can get fucked. And so can the knee-jerk anti-Jewish crowd. And the “we love Arabs so much that we are willing to make cynical use of them to advance our own anti-Israeli agenda” assholes. (This is, of course, especially charming when it comes from Iranians.)

Fuck those, also, who raise their children to desire violence for its own sake, and seek a retribution against crimes that are imaginary; a desire that can never be slaked.

If you, as a society, want to commit suicide, I may not be able to stop you. But I can keep you from taking the West and its values along with you.

Are we clear on that?

Israel doesn’t have to destroy you; you do that to yourselves. All Israel has to do is survive—which it will do until the end of time.

Meanwhile, the death-cultists and anti-Jews fly around that great nation like mosquitoes that now and then need to be slapped.

Memo to Israel: citronella.

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RightGirl January 3, 2009 at 9:47 pm

And: my sister is Syrian. My nephews are Syrian. So if you’re anti-Arab, talk to the Ruger .357, which is itching to ventilate you into Swiss fucking cheese.

Are you on crack? If we’re anti-Arab (which you know well enough I am), you’ll SHOOT me? You sound like a goddam… Arab.

I’ll talk to the gun, Sweatheart, but since you weren’t raised in a fucking cave by life-haters, you’ll never pull the trigger and you know it.



Darrell January 4, 2009 at 3:14 pm

Don’t people talk civilly to a gun these days?


Little Miss Attila January 4, 2009 at 6:34 pm

Weeellll–it was a provocative post. I believe I was still a teensy bit tense from being on the wrong side of the street during the Pro-Palestinian/Pro-Israeli clash on my block after work on Friday night.

There is still a part of me that would like to see us all, as Rodney King would put it, “get along.”

And the fact that we cannot sends me into paroxysms of sadness.


Darrell January 4, 2009 at 10:03 pm

We on the Right hate behavior and the ideology that leads to same, not people. It might surprise you to learn that many Arabs support the US and have been good friends over the years. Should we hate them too? President Bush knew that when he pushed the Dubai ports deal. He knew the people involved were proven friends of the US. He also knew that they would put billions of $$$ into modernizing the ports(especially true given what happened with oil prices) making them the most modern in the world. Including computer-controlled, high-speed cargo container handling systems that would know where every container is at any given time. And ultra-modern heat-scanning/molecule-sniffing/other non-destructive testing security systems linked to Homeland Security and Customs services. Do you think the US-friendly Arab nations stay safe by luck? That would have made the US a safer place and more capable of responding to any world crisis and one less dependent on labor unions and the Leftist organizations that have them under their control since the early 20th century. So what do we have now. The same old. The ports being run by companies pertually six months away from Chapter 11. And ones more dependent on unions, the very same ones that caused a virtual shutdown of the Seattle port when supplies to the Middle East where crucial. Good going you who crapped on President Bush! The Left tips their hats to you. See the tinfoil twinkle.


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