Noted Cyber-Whore Stacy McCain

by Little Miss Attila on February 15, 2009

. . . notes that it’s “bad karma” not to link me. Absolutely. Especially when it’s Reynolds who isn’t doing it.

Stacy also takes a shot at Ace, who’s too busy eyeing busty Lebanese women to respond right now (wait—that isn’t what he’s doing in Beirut?):

Maybe Ace of Spades really would like to go upside Andrew Sullivan’s head with a baseball bat, I don’t know. But at some point you understand it’s just blogging about politics, and you start wondering if maybe it shares a certain spectator-friendly quality with pro wrestling. For all we know, Ace is spending weekends at Sully’s beach shack in Provincetown. (Next on Blogging Heads TV: Can “Bears” and Eewoks Be “Just Friends”?)

As they say: we’ve established that you’re a cyber-whore; we’re just haggling over price. Which of course makes me a street-walker in comparison to Stacy and the high-end escort service he provides . . .

Just another week and a half until CPAC, Stace. I’ve been asked by A the H if I live on fried chicken and vodka when I’m on the East Coast. Of course not! That would be stupid. It’s hamburgers, granola bars, cafeteria food and martinis.

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