Stupid People at Fox News Forget to Ask for Money to Fund Tea Parties Be Sent to Them.

by Little Miss Attila on April 12, 2009

Instead, Fox reporters continue the charade that they are simply reporting on the Tea Parties in a somewhat sympathetic manner. Wake up, Sheeple! Tax protests don’t come from the grass roots! Fire doesn’t melt steel! There’s no way AIDS could have evolved organically!

And, by the way—Jane Hamsher never claimed Fox News was behind the protests; she said the Tea Parties were being manipulated behind-the-scenes by Freedom Works! (Thanks, Jane! I’ve always wanted to play some variety of Lady Macbeth; now I’m off to wash my hands . . . which never seem to come clean. Odd.) Who gave Hamsher a hand with the goalposts?

Unless the argument here is that every center-right organization or individual is somehow one large lump of protoplasm that cannot quite make up its mind about marijuana, gay marriage or what constitutes separation of church and state, but knows that it wants lower taxes. In that case, the reason that Tea Parties are so much better-attended than ANWF events is that . . . the right commands more robots than the Soros-funded left does! (This leads us to the conclusion that we threw the last Presidential election, in a further attempt to confuse the left.)

Joseph Abrams of Fox employs a particularly clever ruse when he suggests April 15th might mark the end of this year’s tea party protests, rather than being a prelude to more massive events this summer, particularly on the Fourth of July. (After all, those local groups that are using tea-party protests to collect email addresses must be planning on . . . burning them in a bonfire soon. Abrams pretends not to see the illogic, here. Diabolical.)

Custom online retailer Zazzle said tea party products have been flying off its presses at an “obscene” rate, propelling them into the top sphere of items it sells online.

“We like to think of ourselves as a cultural barometer for the country,” said Jason Kang, vice president of marketing for Zazzle. “This is probably one of the bigger things — not counting the election — that we’ve seen since the Spitzer ‘Client 9′” sex scandal broke in 2008.

“Pro-Obama merchandise had been popular all of last year. In the last couple of months we’ve seen anti-Obama products begin to increase in popularity and sales numbers,” Kang told

Eric Odom, who administers the Tax Day Tea Party Web site and is helping organize and fund multiple events, said they were “ecstatic” with the results they’re seeing at their online store, which has recorded $48,000 in sales.

“We try to fuel that money right back into costs involved in the Tea Party effort,” Odom said, which includes renting and reserving space, making signs and covering transportation costs.

Odom said the online boom has kept his organization from having to seek large donations to pay its way. “It’s made it so we haven’t had to go out and ask for money,” he told

A spokesman for leading online marketer said the burst in sales “sort of came out of the blue” and the more than 100,000 tea party items more than caught their eye, though he guessed the trend would die down in a few weeks when the protests are over.

Notice how the Fox reporter, in an attempt to make it look as if Fox is not pulling the teabag strings here, implies that the teaparty-protest boom might be over soon, rather than explaining that the movement will continue at least through Independence Day, and probably beyond: total head-fake there, to throw Jane Hamsher* off the scent of the depraved duplicitous complicity that is Fox News Freedom Works what day is it? Who took my damned talking points?

For those who would like to see their T-shirt money go back into the “Astroturf,” it appears that Tax Day Tea Party is plowing most of the proceeds back into activism. Also, I like their graphics the best.

UPDATE: The organizers of Tea Party Protests weigh in. I myeslf would like to join Wendy (and Jane H. herself, of course) in asking, “where the hell is my money?” As long as I’m a lobbyist, I’d love to be getting paid for it. My God: I wish we were Astroturf.

* No; I do not call her “Crazy Jane.” She has not earned a place among the characters in W.B. Yeats’ poems. One might argue that her placing me in Shakespeare’s play within a play suggests that I reciprocate. But teabaggers don’t play that way, Baby.

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Stubby April 12, 2009 at 4:23 pm

Because everything on the left seems to be coordinated by either monied people (Soros, David, et. al.) or organizations (Move On, Media Matters, pick your network), the left assumes everything on the right is coordinated as well. It isn’t. There is no big Daddy Warbucks funding or directing this thing, but you can’t explain that to someone on the left.

Makes sense, really, since people on the left tend to prefer what people on the right and in the center would consider an intrusive level of government oversight. They like the nanny state, they like the Big Brother form of government – granted, they want to be the ones playing Big Brother, and they only want the nanny to have a D after her name, but they can’t envisage a truly grass roots movement – they walk only on astroturf.

And how, really, does one have both nationalized and de-centralized banks? If that’s not the perfect encapsulation of economic illiteracy, I really don’t know what is.

I’m not particularly rightish. I’m a liberatarian and thus favor even less government oversight than the typical Republican. But I think economic freedom is the foundation for all other freedoms, and therefore I think the Tea Parties are a wonderful, healthy thing for this country.


Teach April 12, 2009 at 4:28 pm

OK this from Jane

Welcome Instapundit refugees! We realize you can’t comment over there, so feel free to do so here.

That’s a riot.

Uh, huh. Firedoglake is notorious for their free, unmoderated, diverse comment sections. They NEVER delete comments and the Firedoglake community the furthest thing from a Hamsher parroting echo chamber!

Seriously, try commenting on FDSwamp. Running a marathon is easier than commenting Hamsher rigid hermetically sealed from alternative view, tightly protected comment community. She deletes anything that might challenge her fragile eared readers.

That’s hillarious Jane. Your 100% delusional, sweetheart.


W. Keller April 12, 2009 at 4:38 pm

I think the thing the left truly needs to fear is that they do something stupid enough to piss the right off. If the right ever organizes – at a national level – the left will simply be wiped up and thrown out in a slop bucket. If the Big “O’s” budget is truly passed, without major renovation, it will be enough. Tea Parties?? You ain’t seen nothing yet!


Jaded April 12, 2009 at 4:39 pm

It is quite apparent that the left doesn’t understand that R’s, I’s and D’s are united in this cause because they HATE BAILOUTS AND TAXES! This is about the Government and the INSANE spending for the past year….it was one year ago April Bush signed the first “stimulas” into law and here we are 1 year later with 2 Trillion Dollars in money being minted, a 700Billion dollar TARP Bill, and 870Billion dollar “stimulas” Bill and a 3.6 TRILLION dollar budget and we see what? NOTHING the market will be lucky if it EVER see 10K again, our 401K’s are depleted and the government is STILL BAILING OUT PRIVATE INDUSTRY. NOTHING should EVER be to BIG TO FAIL….let these businesses DIE! STOP THE SPENDING, TAKE A BREATH!

These tools on the left NEVER quite got the PUSHBACK on AMNESTY either, it is the SAME PASSION because Americans do NOT LIKE UNFAIRNESS especially when it comes to their TAXES and the way those TAXES are being spent!


Glenmore April 12, 2009 at 4:59 pm

“2 Trillion Dollars in money being minted”

No, Jaded, the money is NOT being ‘minted’. Mints make coin money out of metal, ideally precious metal, but this money is not backed by anything except promises (and inflation.)


Bush's Third Term April 12, 2009 at 5:08 pm

To quote noted libertarian LL Cool J: Don’t call it a comeback.


guess'd April 12, 2009 at 5:46 pm

These protestations by the Left sound like nothing so much as sour grapes, don’t they? You get the feeling they would give anything to be able to garner this much spontaneous support.

Refer to Reynolds’ “New Way Forward” post yesterday, and the reports and photos contrasting that farce to the Tea Parties.


Why does the following passage immediately spring to mind?

” ‘ We need a national subsidy for literature. It is disgraceful that artists are treated like peddlers and that art works have to be sold like soap.’

‘You mean, your complaint is that they DON’T sell like soap?’ asked Francisco d’Anconia.”

As we might say here in the South, “Them boys is tryin’ to peddle that crap, but they ain’t nobody buyin’ it”


Darrell April 13, 2009 at 12:38 am

Fox Affiliates provided the details for scheduled anti-war and anti-Bush protests too. Kind of fits their “Fair and Balanced” motto, I would say. On the other hand, CBS, NBC, and the assorted other 33-or-so MSM organizations only gave the advance details of the Leftist gatherings. It fits with the agenda of the Mainstream Socialist Media, I’ll grant you that. And they never do say that they are fair and balanced themselves–not in ad campaigns anyway. That’s left for their little helpers in those phony fact checking websites and commenters from their side of the political spectrum. The same ones that must have missed the heavy hand of Worldwide established Left-Wing groups putting together all those anti-war and anti-Bush protests, etc. –all coordinated worldwide. I await their ANSWER. It’s a Workers World, you know, United For Peace and Justice, all under the glow of NION lights, in the good ole CPUSA.


JAT April 13, 2009 at 2:23 am

Hamsher has been nibbling at the rabbit food again


Amy April 13, 2009 at 2:57 am

In the minds of the left, they’re the “dissent is patriotic” crowd–activism and protest is their game. Their dissention has become so tired that it’s all but ignored. When dissent is your everyday MO, it’s all boy and wolf…we all know how that story goes.

What scares the left about tax day is that this boy has never held a bullhorn. This boy has never carried a placard, let alone said “wolf”. And though they deride us for our “hypocracy” and “hilarious irony”, they know that this protest–coast to coast, attended by hundreds of thousands of taxpaying citizens NOT affiliated with any organizations–will have the effect they’ve been trying to achieve for years. Because of its scope, genesis, and makeup, tea party day will make politicians take notice. No matter their reaction outwardly–n private, politicians will definitely notice.

I pointed this out in respectful language on a liberal blog recently. In response, they refrained from using the profane name they’ve given tea party day–a name even their most “prominent” voices think constitutes sophisticated humor. Instead, another form of ad hominem attack was launched: my intelligence was called into question. To bolster their case on my status as a knuckle-dragger, talking points dating to the Clinton administration were bandied about.

My contention was simple: our tax dollars should go toward defending and protecting American lives. I agree with liberals on this: peace should be sought where it can be found. When it can’t, we need to be ready to defend our nation and its citizens.

It was made clear to me that this is backwards, simplistic thinking. The social agenda, such as universal health care and green energy, is ever so much more important than defense spending.


While they sling talking points at me, picking at the underbrush for each vein on each little leaf, not only do they miss the forest but they seem to miss the fact that it’s on fire. While they point out the minutest of details on my failed logic, they don’t seem to understand the there is no universal health care if you’re DEAD. If a nuclear warhead is aiming for your head, does it matter what wattage lightbulb is screwed into your bedside lamp?

I contend that taxes should be best spent on protecting American lives, not ordering their every step. I have no idea if that makes me a Republican, Independent or Liberatarian in this day and age, but I think there are hundreds of thousands like me who will make our voices heard on Wednesday.

(Note to liberal readers: I am not a war hawk. I just think that breathing and owning a beating heart is step one to implementing a social agenda, if that’s your thing).

(And, thank you thank you thank you dear hostess Joy for allowing me to get that all off my chest. Thank you, thank you. I feel all better now.)


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