Zo Speaks at a Klan Rally Tea Party.

by Little Miss Attila on April 21, 2009

He was covering it for PJTV, but was asked to speak for a few minutes, because—well, because he’s Zo, and he knows how to talk. Why should we pretend he isn’t a rising star, just because he’s playing citizen journalist right now?

UPDATE: Of course they asked him to speak: here you had the overworked black man—already busy with a given set of tasks—and the White Supremacists added yet another responsibility to his already-heavy burden.

Janeane Garofalo is absolutely right: the tea parties are racism straight up. Because if it had been racism on the rocks, PJM would have gotten someone else to do interviews that day, instead of asking Zo to do two jobs. And if it had been racism-and-water, the organizers of the event wouldn’t have imposed upon Alfonzo by asking him to the podium. If it were racism-and-soda, they wouldn’t have recruited Zo to work for PJTV at all, but would have allowed him to continue commenting on events from his living room in the SoCal desert.

Racism-and-Coke would be if they gave him a better sound system for his YouTube videos, but still refused to carry them on the network. And a racism-Manhattan would be conveying him to Sacto to cover the tea rallies, but making him ride in the back of the van.

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