Stacy’s Mad at Me Again.

by Little Miss Attila on May 11, 2009

Something about me knocking people who work for dailies, and then think they can automatically handle high-end monthly glossy magazines.

Sorry. But there is a difference between reporting and good, long-form writing, and there are even basic stylistic differences between magazines and newspapers (the tense form used for quotations, for instance, and how frequently one can get by with using “says” [or “said”]).

And a good newspaper lead is not the same as a good lead for a feature-length magazine article.

They are different types of writing, and the standards of proofreading are quite different for each—as are production values.

Now Stacy’s going to say something like, if I’m so smart, how come I’m not poor?

I am, Stacy, I am. But I know magazines; I know more about print publication than I really want to at this point.

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smitty May 12, 2009 at 3:24 am

“the standards of proofreading are quite different for each”
Oh? Are these different flavors of perfection? Elaborate, bitte.


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