Cold Fury on the Letterboy Flap

by Little Miss Attila on June 13, 2009

There’s a nice summary of the situation here that includes a link to my “American Sharia” concept, and to the suggestion of Brent Bozell at the Media Research Center that Letterman “apologize like a real man.

Real the Cold Fury entry; it’s a nice formulation of why this is important, even if sexism isn’t normally at the top of your list of concerns, what with world hunger, despotism abroad, the plight of those in Yemen and North Korea, and so forth.

Shall I? Yes, I shall; I’ve come this far:

Dave, just do it. It’s better than losing your advertisers. And lose them you will.

Buckle down, and figure out what a real man would do. Then do that. Try to insert the phrase “I apologize.” Include language to the effect that “I made a mistake.”

No! Not the candy-bar advertisers!

No! Not the candy-bar advertisers!

Graphic courtesy of Carol, whose work is sort of cute and almost edible, even when she’s mad. Plus, she has adorable sheep all over her site! And the girl can write, too.

UPDATE: “Going Alinsky” on Letterman.

UPDATE II: Greg Gutfeld delivers a spirited counterpoint to those who want to do sustained damage to Mr. L via his pocketbook; or, rather, he seems to be content to let that damage happen organically:

Here’s my take on Letterman’s obsession with Sarah Palin:

-ideology clouds what you find funny. If you’re a lefty, then a Palin joke is priceless. If you’re a righty, it’s lame. That’s just the way it is.

-Letterman is a comedian, and he tells jokes, and he shouldn’t have to apologize for them. If they’re not funny, or in poor taste, or horribly offensive – the marketplace will deal with it. That’s free enterprise.

-Having said all that, Letterman still makes me sad. He’s an old, rich man relegated to choosing easy targets for cheap laughs. He has an entire bumbling administration to poke fun of – along with a conference room full of writers to do it for him- and he goes after the daughter of an Alaskan mayor. Letterman was a god in the eighties – now he’s just a mere, sad mortal driven by fumbling bitterness. And that makes me sad for him – and for those who never saw how truly great he once was.

No. One doesn’t have to laugh at sexism or racism. There can be more to humor than a general animus, and certainly more than one based on group identity. I’m certainly not allergic to the word “cunt” (or “bitch,” which used to be equivalent to the sometimes-male-ish “bastard,” but is being treated these days like a big bad sexist slam) any more than I am the word “nigger” (though I only use it to discuss the word, and to de-fang it as an epithet; you’re welcome).

I have even reluctantly accepted “douchebag” as a term for general foulness. (Though it doesn’t make sense; how is water with some acidifier so bad? Perhaps the intent is to describe the washed-out vaginal secretions, though if these guys are so allergic to va-jay-jay, why do they still call themselves heterosexual?) I don’t mind “pussy” for a passive, accepting person, either: after all, the intent there is to invoke the pudenda in its happiest, softest form.

But for crying out loud: the “slut” and “whore” jokes are just rank sexism—based on an absurd double standard—and politicians’ families should be largely off-limits.

Which brings us to Ric Locke’s explanation of why the Left so hates Governor Palin, and her entire family.

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Video: Palin Lands Firm Punches Against Letterman’s Mocking of Young Women | Matt Lauer Interview, Today Show « Frugal Café Blog Zone
June 14, 2009 at 12:20 pm

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Darrell June 13, 2009 at 4:24 pm

An apology from Letterman wouldn’t be worth the air molecules set in motion. Letterman is a vandal, that kid that destroys for the sake of destroying something–or no reason at all. He proved that he did it intentionally when on the third day he ignored the facts and said it was about Bristol. That’s why Paul was in the background braying “Arrrr, ha,ha,ha” like a dyspeptic sheep. Of course the joke made no sense that it was about the daughter that wasn’t even in town. That’s another way of saying ‘Fuck you!”. The way that kids keep from getting expelled.

We have to put him out of business. And have the rest of his ilk join him as well. Make sure that not a single dollar of your hard-earned money goes to anything associated with him. Don’t bother to watch anything he is associated with either.
With his ratings now higher than they have been in years, he’s getting quite a few “fuck you’s” in before he hits the dustbin of history.


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