Zo Rachel on David Letterman.

by Little Miss Attila on June 15, 2009

Here. “You don’t make jokes; you hide behind them.”

I get the feeling Rachel would like to see a real apology from Letterboy, too. I’ve been told we shouldn’t hold our breath, so in the meantime I’m changing my buying habits to be sure I’m not supporting Johnson & Johnson, T-Mobile, Mars Candy, Best Western, or Kellogg’s.

UPDATE: Instead of the account of Joan Collins’s appearance on Dave Letterman, I’m posting the video. He really is a ghastly interviewer; it seems to only be about keeping his subject off-balance. I can’t even imagine trying to play dodgeball with his questions—much less speaking to him after he’d sent someone to invade my privacy in a dressing room, or shown footage of me naked on nationwide TV.

People are too nice to this guy.

UPDATE II: Edroso gets his distortion on. Again. Let’s see, Roy:

Twenty-four hours after Letterman made his initial two jokes about Sarah Palin and one of her teenaged daughters (being: a) Sarah Palin’s look is akin to that of a “slutty flight attendant,” and b) her daughter got “knocked-up” during halftime at Yankee stadium), he was back at it, despite the outrage over having appeared to have made a joke about her 14-year-old daughter being raped. The joke for night #2 of this fiasco was that Palin had had a hard time “keeping Eliot Spitzer away” from her teenaged daughter.

Edroso skips that third joke, electing instead to move up Letterman’s faux-apology by 24 hours (to the Day Two mark, rather than Day Three), and transforming it into a real apology. (What it really was: a bit of wounded outrage by a rich white guy for having slammed teenage girl[s] in a sexual context.)

My points for the past week have been:

• The children of politicians who have not themselves sought the public eye should be off-limits, at least until the age of 21;

• Female politicians, right and left, should not be subjected to extra degradation based upon their looks, sexual orientation, or marital circumstances;

• Sexism and woman-hatred are wrong (yes: this is apparently now a Controversial Assertion in some circles);

• Fine, Dave: you didn’t mean to make a sexy joke about the 14-year-old. How about not throwing it in Bristol Palin’s face that she is a single mother? I think she knows that, Buddy.

This is not about censorship: this is about my not having any particular reason to financially support or otherwise condone sexist slime.

The Village Voice. Yes: according to its Wikipedia entry, it was one of the first corporations to offer domestic-partner benefits. And now it’s the defender of sexism, woman-hatred, and erotic hostility to teenagers in the public square. Well played, Voice. Well-played. I hope you can sleep at night.

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Darrell June 16, 2009 at 2:26 pm

Anyone have a clip of this from a major market? The one shown was recorded off the air in Lincoln, Nebraska. Anyone know for sure if CBS had different versions for smaller markets and different broadcast standards? Could local stations make edits? The Late Show has its own archive of clips but the one for this segment shows “video not available” and a stub with a description. I believe that clip selection from “The Stud” and “The Bitch” near the end originally ran 20-30 seconds–and that it was a collage of many scenes. The above shows one image and runs 3-4 seconds.


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