Two Questions for David Letterman. (Okay: Three.)

by Little Miss Attila on June 15, 2009

1) When you double-checked about Bristol Palin’s age, how exactly did you phrase that question?—”Um, please confirm the age of Governor Palin’s oldest child. Not the one who’s visiting this city, but the eldest.” Um, I’ve been a fact-checker. We always give as much data as we can. I’m hard-pressed as to how he managed to phrase a question like that without “accidentally” finding out that it was the 14-year-old who was in New York.

2) According to Letterman’s own narrative, he was getting flak about this the very next day, after he made the first Willow Palin/Bristol Palin joke. So how was it that that very night, he then told another joke about Willow/Bristol turning tricks for Eliot Spitzer?

I mean, (3) did he go back to his research department one more time and say, “please confirm for me the age of the oldest Palin daughter—the one who is tied down with an infant, and is not in the city? Oh, and—who else was with the Governor at the baseball game? I mean: please only give me the names of individuals to whom she is not related“?

How exactly does this work, structurally? Before I spend any money on this guy’s sponsors, I’d prefer a better class of lie. But then, that’s me.

I just cannot buy this, and I’m trying.

h/t: Big Hollywood.

UPDATE: I’ve faced Cynthia’s ire before, and I’m sure I will again. But not today. Whew!

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Dave C June 16, 2009 at 3:43 am

Speech may be free.. But it has consequences too.

Suck it, Dave.


Brad S June 16, 2009 at 6:27 am

Hey, if Sarah is in a commanding enough position to close the books and accept Dave’s semi-apology, I can close the books too.

But Dave should really go on Megyn Kelly’s show on Fox News. She has something rather pertinent to show him that would help emphasize the point, and you know what that something is.


Joseph Taylor June 16, 2009 at 8:55 am

What about the other person victimized by this poor excuse for a joke: Alex Rodriquez? What did he do to deserve the role of statutory rapist?


David C June 16, 2009 at 8:57 am

Let’s hope this is the end of the David Letterman – Sarah Palin feud. While last week Letterman apologized, it was in a snarky sort of way, and wasn’t accepted by Palin…
Exclusive Video here:david letterman sarah palin joke


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