Funniest Thing I’ve Read All Week.

by Little Miss Attila on July 28, 2009

Dan Riehl takes it upon himself to school Donald and Stacy about their unseemly obsession with stat-meter size.

To cut this, and them short – as if they could get much shorter without being impossible to see when it comes to Erin Andrews videos, here’s my monthly. Please note that, as regards Erin Andrew’s posts, I bested Donald’s “personal best” significantly each and every day he would purport to brag about. Now, I’m accustomed to hearing that from his wife (oh, how I love snark, when not doing a substantive post!), but this is the first time I ever looked at his and my own sitemeter stats together. Mature and intelligent bloggers eventually get over that, or at least obsessing over it in public so, as these two seem to always be doing these days.


I swear: I tried hard not to laugh, and we’re cool—after all, Stacy’s wing-man, Smitty, has apologized to Cassandra and me. But I was kind of wondering when someone would clue ol’ Stace in about exactly who Cassandra is. Dan does that, while bringing in another member of the babe-blogging mafia, Miss Sondra. Who, you know, always helps us to put these matters behind us.

In response, Stacy whips it out—I mean, that old line from The Outlaw Josie Wales about how we shouldn’t piss on him and tell him it’s raining. That’s what he generally says when he encounters criticism, no matter how mild.

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I R A Darth Aggie July 28, 2009 at 11:43 am

So when is this so-called babe-blogging mafia gonna release their peep-hole videos?


Peter July 28, 2009 at 8:21 pm

I like Stace, he has some information on his site that I either don’t see anywhere else or don’t see it for days somewhere else.
And I like scantily clad women although I must confess these days I sometimes wonder if their fathers let them go out like that. I also must confess that I seldom bother to click on all the girls at McCain’s place. I could blame it on the dialup out here in the country or maybe it’s just that most of those girls are younger than my daughter is now.


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