R.L. Hymers, Jr.’s Cult


• Dr. R.L. Hymers *
• More on the R.L. Hymers Cult
• On Halloween, and Obsessive Truth-Telling
• The Best Deprogramming: Don’t Program Yourself at All
• How Fun Is It To Be Recruited Into Hymer’s Offbeat Church? Not Very.
• The “Hymers Warners” Group
• A Word About Libel: Memo to Bob Hymers
• Why Is Hymers’s Website So Ugly?
• Losing My Virginity in the R.L. Hymers Cult *
• Bob Hymers’ History of Violence *
• Mac Brunson: Another Member of the “Millstone” Club?
• One Fake Letter; One Real One
• Oh, Goody: An Email from R.L. Hymers, Jr. [with a special guest appearance by R.L. Hymers III!] *

• Celebrating Hitler’s Birthday Early/A Rare Hymers Apology

Legal Threats Against Little Miss Attila!
• Guess what’s been showing up at my house? Literature! *
• And, Jeremy J. Osher’s second volley, * with my response thereto.

The Memeorandum Thread on the Legal Threats

• Transcript of the News Broadcast that Interviewed Current and former Hymers Cultists in 1988—Part I
• Transcript of the News Broadcast that Interviewed Current and Former Hymers Cultists in 1988; Part II of a Series
• Transcript of the News Broadcast that Discussed R.L. Hymers’ Approach to Media Relations in 1988; Part III of a Series
• And Now They Accuse Me of Cussing! At Long Last, Sirs, Do You Have No Shame?
• R.L. Hymers on How “Cock-Suckers” Are Not Saved—By Definition
• Why Church Abuse Matters, and Rape Within Churches
On Fundamentalism, Authoritarianism, and Rape
Who Can Criticize Fundamentalists? Anyone.
Hymers on the Evils of Dancing; Says Go Ahead and Follow Him Around with a Camera

• R.L. Hymers III (the preacher’s son, who threatened me with an FBI file) Indicted for Fraud, Grand Theft Auto, and Identity Theft
Robert Hymers’ Indictment Might Have Been Part of a Sting
R.L. Hymers Re-Writes His Website, After the Indictment of His Son, Robert Hymers III

Back to Reality, of Sorts:
“What Fresh Hell Is This?”

• Dr. R.L. Hymers, in an unsafe, cultic link from the summer of 2009, Hides Behind the Skirts of a 25-year-old boy, who in turn threatens to report me to the FBI. (Or, maybe he really did. Too bad the Bureau can’t get hold of my phone number, for, lo—I’ve been waiting to hear from said Feds for years, now.) NOTE: That entire section has now been re-written from Dr. Hymers’ own point of view, so that, retroactively (and, of course, dishonestly) Dr. Hymers is claiming to have written to the FBI personally, rather than having had his son do it–because the son has now been disgraced by being publicly indicted alongside a celebrity (former baseball player Lenny Dykstra).

I can, of course, document that Robert Hymers III was deeply involved in that esisode, just as I can document the fact that I attended his father’s church for at least a year and a half; he did, after all, used to send me notes. Notes that he signed in his own hand.

I can also provide plenty of notes that have been sent to me over the years by people who were deeply damaged by their experiences in the R.L. Hymers church. I would insist on redacting names, but there have been plenty of them.

• Doxa’s Story, In Which a Young Christian College Student Encounters Ileana Hymers [Robert L. Hymers Jr.’s wife] and Wesley Hymers [the twin brother of Robert L. Hymers III], and Wonders Whether the Hymers Church Is In Fact a Real “Cult”

• Doxa’s Follow-Up, In Which Ileana Hymers Shows Her True Colors, and We Learn That Hats Are Becoming to Christian Women—But Manners Are Not *

• Some media coverage of R.L. Hymers, Jr.
The Hymers Historical Society

* Essential reading for understanding Hymerism, and the reasons some former Hymerites refer to R.L. Hymers, Jr., as “Bobbie Sue” (though Bobby Threaten-To-Sue would be more accurate)

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
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"chikki" [Redacted] May 7, 2011 at 2:39 pm

Dear Joy,
I was facinated by your expose of Bob Hymers.I can’t believe he is still around.Looking back I THINK HE IS A CHILD MOLESTER!He took me over his knee and twaped me across the back of my legs with a bamboo back scratcher,and one time with an umbrella,which he hit me so hard he broke the umbrella.Scarry dude.Write me if you get a chance.


a DUDE June 6, 2011 at 11:28 pm

{email address redacted; enquiries for this person can go through me–Admin.}


Like you I attended Hymer’s church in the early 80’s. Like you I was wounded by his spite and anger. Found your blog by doing a google of Hymer’s name.

I know of his duplicitous, sadistic, domineering nature and don’t really care enough about him now to get into everything he did.

Got saved anyway, by God’s grace.

I noticed something in the following article that might interest you.
Check out this story on Lenny Dyskra, notice the account’s name that is also arrested.:

Good chance it is Hymer’s boy.


Gman 8490 February 14, 2012 at 9:40 am

How do you get your family members away from Hymers Church?


kiff57krocker October 1, 2012 at 9:59 pm

Dr. Ms. Attilla. I too was a member of the Hymers cult during the 1980s when it changed from the Fundamentalist Army to the Fundamentalist Baptist Tabernacle. And during that time, I too witnessed verbal and physical abuse directed at church members. I witnessed a split by the former assistant pastor, J. Richard Olivas who took a number of prominent members with him. Then, I was kicked out for being unemployed and not tithing enough. I applaud your work and will be doing what I can to ruin this man, his plucked-chicken wife and his jailbird son! Never back down! Never say die! Away with the Hymers cult!


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