McQuain on Afghanistan.

by Little Miss Attila on October 7, 2009


the implication is that he’s not going to give McChrystal all he wants and he’s building the case by attempting to introduce something less than what most see as the only two viable courses of action – fish or cut bait. All in or fold.

This is what I’ve been afraid of since his election. There’s little will, on his part or that of his party, to do what is necessary in Afghanistan. All the rhetoric about it being the “necessary war” was just that – rhetoric to beat his opponent and their party over the head with.

If that’s the case – then get our troops the hell out of there and deal with the long-term effects of doing that. The effects will be profound. But reinforcing failure, and that’s what I’m hearing here, is just not an option.

Calling the narrowing the choices to the two most viable options “straw man arguments” doesn’t make it so. Certainly Obama has the final say – but the only viable choices remain the only viable choices whether he likes that or not. Doing anything in between is a recipe for continuing failure and will be seen as trading blood for time – political time – because he doesn’t want to make the hard decisions required due to the political implications (I’ve been saying he’ll delay any profound decision, like pulling out, until his reelection is safely in the bag).

The one thing that’s different about the job of President is that when it comes to foreign affairs and the job of Commander in Chief, the people expect the President to put aside all political considerations except what is best for the US. His job is to act in the best interest of the country.

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Peter October 8, 2009 at 12:49 am

I wish I had the slightest confideence that Obama hasn’t convinced himself that he IS the country.


Glenn Cassel AMH1(AW) USN Retired October 8, 2009 at 5:51 am

Did you ever notice that most of the commentary on The Fight In Afghanistan comes from someone who has never been there? And they also have no background in combat arms or operations. Usually they are ensconced in that Ivory Tower behind a desk. Hmmmmmm?
Even the kid in the blueshirt on the deck of a Nimitz Class Carrier in the Northern Arabian Sea has more opertional knowledge than these folks. It is part of his/her daily life. Not the pundit’s life. Oh and I have been there and done that, no thanks to BO’s dear predecessor, jimmy the dhimmi. Towel on head=Target. That is All!
All of the “Ivory Tower Experts” can go fuck themselves. If they could figure out how to that is.


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