Dinner Last Night

by Little Miss Attila on February 19, 2010

. . . with Obi’s Sister, Baldilocks, Fausta (who has a pic up of a gun like Juliette’s, in case you want to see it: let’s just say that it’s a Beretta, chambered in .40—I knew I liked that girl), and young Kate of Colombo-Americana, an up-and-coming blog that focuses on Latin American issues.

We had a great discussion about New Media, the winds of political change, and (over the second bottle of wine) the sartorial disaster that is the First Lady of the United States. (Here, I pointed out that I held off for months after last year’s inaugeration on that one, not wanting to diss the wife of our Commander-in-Chief. But the ghastly choices she makes eventually burst the dam of my reluctance, and last night I was the cattiest one by far.)

Speaking of the CIC, during a discussion of daily prayer it was pointed out that he should be on our prayer lists, for several reasons—but two in particular. (That is, because he is our Chief Executive, and because we don’t care much for the way he’s handling the job. A political adversary counts as an “enemy” for the purposes of prayer. So you know what to do.)

* * *

It’s possible that we talked about other bloggers, though I can’t recall it all through my sleep-deprived haze. I do know that Gerard‘s name came up, and the following ideas were expressed: 1) Mr. American Digest is one fine-lookin’ man, and it would be impossible to guess his age; 2) he’s a true gentleman; 3) he’s one damned good writer, and 4) he’s a real mensch.

In short, I am doing the right thing morally by linking him every five minutes, and his blog is so freakin’ good that I’m doing well by doing good.

Isn’t it nice when those two things line up? Gerard Vanderleun, and free-market capitalism: two great tastes that taste great together.

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vanderleun February 19, 2010 at 6:31 am

Well, about that, let me just say….


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