More About Kagan’s Boring Private Life

by Little Miss Attila on May 12, 2010

Joyner suggests that it’s a legitimate topic of discussion, as with one’s other demographic groupings (religion, ethnicity, and the like) that might shape one’s world view, and says he isn’t sure what to believe.

I find myself 1) amused by the lefty excitement about the issue; 2) kind of bored with the back and forth, and utterly apathetic about which way Kagan swings, and yet 3) wondering why, if Kagan is so absolutely straight, she herself hasn’t simply made a statement about that, and put the matter to rest. I mean . . . her college friends are declaring her heterosexuality? College having been decades ago, for her and for me. That’s strange.

Again: it sounds like the White House wants to somehow have it both ways, here. With the anonymous sources in the Administration and not-quite-close friends declaring her straight, and the reports that Kagan is in fact a fairly open lesbian, it really comes across like what Obama wanted was to appoint a gay woman but retain plausible deniability.

And, again: whether this is all due to clumsiness, or a desire to curry favor both with gay groups and black churches (and possibly homophobic Muslims), is not clear. But this isn’t “we don’t care, we didn’t ask, and it’s none of your business” from the White House. It’s something else: a sort of irritating coyness.

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Foxfier May 12, 2010 at 5:08 pm

They want to have it both ways.

Just like with the hirings she did or didn’t do.

And the whole “no, we won’t have an abortion litmus test, but they will have to support Choice.”

And…well… all kinds of things. I’m sure someone else already has a list of two-faced views.


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