“Raising Red”

by Little Miss Attila on April 5, 2011

The new website devoted to funding the Republican candidate for 2012, and committed to making sure Barack Obama remains a one-term President.

The fact is, we can’t afford to wait another year to start fundraising.

One of the forces behind this is John Hawkins, who explains:

I’ve been involved in fund raising efforts on the Right side of the blogosphere since 2006. We’ve had some success, but they’ve never done as well as I’d hoped or had the staying power necessary to be successful over the long-term. That’s why I wanted to help create one of these organizations from scratch. I hope you’ll chip in some money, pass around the web page, and do your part to help get this web page going. If it becomes as successful as a I hope, it’ll be a fantastic tool to help get more conservatives elected.

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DaveO April 5, 2011 at 2:25 pm

It’s not enough to raise money. One must target via legal action the POTUS’s/DNC’s/allies election schemes.

First, dump the professional staff at the RNC. Even pre-schoolers know one plays to win. If they want to help, refuse them.

No more turning off the security so that millions can come in from the Middle East. When it happens again, throw down the lawsuits with friendly judges.

No more getting mentally unable folks to vote for whomever the caregiver directs. When it happens again, throw down the lawsuits with friendly judges.

Go, and stay on the offensive in the information war. Twitter accounts, Facebook, and other social media are not that expensive. Neither are the twentysomethings/college and high school students who are masters of information management and dissemination.

What am I saying!?!? This is the GOP we’re talking about! Nevermind.


ponce April 5, 2011 at 2:39 pm

Is there a Republican who can beat President Obama?

What is their name?

Sounds like another wingnut welfare scheme.

Save your money, or, better yet, give it to some useful charity like the Salvation Army.


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