“Hey, D.L. Hughley!”

by Little Miss Attila on March 4, 2009

“You lookin’ real comfortable in the Massah’s house.” So says Zo Rachel of Macho Sauce Productions:

“Y’all, I was explorin’ Marcus Garvey, Malcolm X and Dr. Martin Luther King long before I even heard of Rush Limbaugh. The reason why I tuned into Rush Limbaugh is because his message is so reflective of theirs.”
—Alfonso “Zo” Rachel

What more is there to say?

Via my weekend boss Hawkins at Right Wing News, and the Breitbart/Nolte powerhouse Big Hollywood.

Take-home questions:

1) Anyone have any favorite Zo/Macho Sauce videos? The man is getting so prolific that I’d love to put together a selection of Zo’s Greatest Hits, because people are asking about him, and I find myself sending them his latest—yet those are often full of fleeting allusions to “the news of the week.”

2) One of Zo’s best tools, of course, is the camera-stop, followed by one of his funny impressions: of someone else, of his weaker self, of his opponents, of his allies, of Darth Vader, of silly celebrities, of other right-wing luminaries.

One wonders who is doing his camera work, which has always been very clever—and the editing, sublime. I suspect it’s his girlfriend, but I cannot offer proof, except that I suspect he’s dating a chick just as smart as he is—and someone’s figuring out that his “act” is like no other, and cannot be staged or edited in exactly the same way.

Macho Sauce lighting remains a problem, of course, despite drastic improvements: early Macho Sauce videos made his painted brick wall look almost like bathroom tiles, and lately a slight adjustment in either lights or camera placement has shown it to be brick—with a coat of semi-gloss or maybe satin over it. It’s less over-exposed than it used to be, but a bit. And even Zo seems borderline bleached-out by the lights. (I mean, I know this is an arcane aspect of filmmaking, and one of the trickiest to do at the “master’s level.”)

I still have a love-hate relationship with that off-white wall, though. When I get rich and famous I’m going to give Zo a huge cloth panel to use as his background for these pieces, so we don’t get so much shine from the paint. In the meantime, lighting from the sides would help. And a big plant next to him. Zo! Your stage is too spartan!

Of course, Zo knows I’m planning on interviewing him soon—so maybe you’ll see the two of us in chairs in front of that controversial wall. (To hear him tell it, those painted bricks figure prominently in his hate mail, which is hilarious.)

Rock on, Buddy: you’ve got something no one else has. Keep using it.

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