“Come Toward the Light!”

by Little Miss Attila on June 24, 2009

Cynthia Yockey suggests that it’s time for gay men and lesbians to take another look at the Party of Lincoln:

What has me so elated is the Big Picture. While there are very vocal and hurtful people on the Right who insist that homosexuals should be second-class citizens and they propagate assorted libels and/or feel entitled to have the state enforce the tenets of their religion, I know that there ALSO are big shots on the Right — the biggest is Dick Cheney, but there are more — who do support equality for homosexuals, including marriage equality. The Big Picture is that we are having this discussion on the Right AND that pro-equality conservative and Republican homosexuals, including me, are included in the discussion.

On the Left, from the Democrats and liberals, I would get a whole lot of, “We support you, but not in any practical way, because our black and Latin constituencies hate you and want you dead and will leave us if we do anything in support of your equality. Maybe some day, some far off, ever-receding day — but right now, shut up, give us all your money and here’s our list of work you can do to advance the interests of people who are indifferent or hateful toward you. Because we have you trapped. Where else are you going to go? TO THE REPUBLICANS? BWA-HA-HA-HA-HA!!!”

Well, my dear angry lesbian and gay Democrats, you have my personal invitation to come on over to the Republican Party and fiscal conservatism. We homosexuals are so accustomed to having to create our own jobs and make our own way, we are the natural constituents of fiscal conservatism, anyway. And, as I pointed out in another post, Republicans understand marriage. We only have one thing to persuade them of — that our equality should be recognized by law. With Democrats, we have to sell them on marriage, first, and our equality second — but by then they’ve forgotten all about why marriage is so important, so it’s an exercise in futility . . . .

Another thing — conservatives and Republicans respect individualism — which, it so happens, we homosexuals have in abundance. The Republican party is your true home! Obama and the Democrats are just using and abusing you. Ditch them! Ditch them now! And come toward the light!

And . . . welcome home.

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