Back to Reality.

by Little Miss Attila on June 24, 2009

Roger L. Simon points to Iran, which is a burning issue—but not one I can directly affect.

I’d point to cap and trade (the vote will be in the House the day after tomorrow on whether we should kick a struggling economy in the stomach); healthcare reform (on which there’ll be a dog and pony show tonight); the suicide of the fourth estate (demonstrated by a dog and pony show tonight); increased energy taxes (apart from the ones disguised by cap and trade), and the specter of Stimulus II: from Greater Depression to Greatest Depression.

Not to mention the corruption of the census process, the politically motivated firing of an IG, and the mis-allocation of funds for ACORN and Americorps.

The Anchoress:

I am not without compassion, but Gov. Sanford just handed the whole nation a crap sandwich that the press will chew on for weeks and weeks, while they ignore other – much more pressing and meaningful – stories. And in that way, we are all injured.

It’s okay, Babe: they would have found another crap sandwich. Did I mention that the cap and trade vote is on Friday, and the healthcare infomercial is tonight?

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smitty June 24, 2009 at 6:30 pm

“Back to Reality”…”healthcare infomercial is tonight?”
Nice dissonance. ;)


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