Aw, Come On, Bruce.

by Little Miss Attila on June 25, 2009

The VA hospitals can’t be as bad as you are making them out to be, because:

1) they are a stunning example of governmental healthcare prowess, and

2) the people who run them mean well, and work for the government. Also,

3) they are the flagship of what will be our stellar new healthcare system. The one that Obama and his family, senators and representatives, and (most likely) the film and television industry won’t have anything to do with.

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Glenn Cassel AMH1(AW) USN RET June 26, 2009 at 7:07 am

A couple of weeks ago, I got a letter from the Robert J. Dole VAMC/Regional Center here in Wichita. In the old days it was refered to as: the butcher shop on East Kellogg.
It seems that I haven’t had a “comprehensive examination” in sometime. In May I had a vision appointment for new specs. As a thirty percent DV, I get a new pair once a year. The Doc didn’t like my blood pressure, so I wound up going in for just that. When I had the eye appointment, I had consumed my normal amount of coffee prior at home and one 24 oz. mug on the way across town. Ok, my drugs of choice are caffiene and nicotine(obambozo/nancy/harry will cause the end of the nicotine).
Also at the eye appoointment, I got the questions on my “mental” status. Intrusive to say the least. The only thing I use the DVA for is glasses and hearing aids. About a year ago, I was going to have a colonoscopy. The prep was that wonderful concoction called “GoLightly” Trust me, it’s anything but! Shortly before I was to go in for the scope, me and the arrogant bastard doctor had words. Where upon, I told the nurse to pull the IV and that I was leaving this idiot locker. It may be that I will have to pay penance on the 15th of July. But I always remind them that they work for me and all other Veterans, not the other way around.
Just so you all are aware, when I first moved here in 1998 and registered, the underlying attitude at this VA Hospital was: Why don’t all of you go somewhere and die.
I use it because of what I have earned, nothing more, nothing less. It is already paid for with 20 years of Service, period.
And Shinseki should be fired and a Retired Sergeant Major, Master Chier Petty Officer or Chief Master Sergeant should have the job. My oldest was in the Regular Army during Shinseki’s tour as Chief of Staff and the grunts couldn’t stand him.


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