by Little Miss Attila on July 30, 2009

In the blogging world, my best “embarrassing moment” would be either that moment I started a really funny anecdote with TwinMom and M., as the entire family watched, only to realize mid-joke that Limoncello is twice as potent as it seems, and I was, in fact, starting to get good and drunk.

Or perhaps last year, when I got Erick Erickson mixed up with Mike Krempasky. No, really I did. In front of witnesses.

That’s why I’m going to the RedState gathering: to see if I can figure out who the players are. (Actually, it’s because Moe is speaking, and because I’ve never met my friend Greg’s kids—and haven’t even hung out with his wife since their wedding, for crying out loud.)

The weirdest thing is when I meet someone and they say “you’re Little Miss Attila?” I try to be gracious, but I’m really just thinking, “wow. People read this. Do they, um, need a hobby or something?”

Because you know how people get about their own blogs and whatnot: they (we) toggle back and forth forever between the heights of egotism and the depths of massive insecurity. Because when push comes to shove, they are two sides of the same coin. And no one ever brings anything small onto a website.

Via The Anchoress; I’ll throw her link up, if possible, before my battery dies. They are shuttling me around the airport in a sort of forced march of the sleep-deprived. I either got pushed into the wrong line this morning, bumped, and put on a standby list, or I’m enduring Enhanced Interrogation Techniques. [UPDATE: Ank-girl update added.]

UPDATE: R.S. McCain figures that that, with respect to the Redstate Gathering—which I will be there for on Saturday if it kills me, but it does look like it may kill me—of course it’s all about him. But if he won’t be there, how am I going to find out where the best parties are? That is, of course, the primary function of Stacy McCain in a civilized world.

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Obi'sSister July 30, 2009 at 2:33 pm

Fun! I will be at RedState, too, but only for the all-day Saturday stuff.


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