A Not-Quite-American President.

by Little Miss Attila on October 7, 2009

The Anchoress, who did not use use that title—she’s got too much class for that:

The American mind is a duality of sorts. A country founded by displaced nobles and built by the strongest and most resourceful commoners from around the globe, America’s can-do attitude is one that doesn’t mind looking out for the little guy, as long as his own share is a fair one, and his options are open. The American mind is constantly dreaming; even her most newly-arrived immigrants dream, because until very recently all dreams were pronounced “welcome,” and the greatest restrictions were the ones you put upon yourself, or allowed others to put upon you. The dreaming made us exceptional; the dreams made us indispensable.

Bot does Obama understand those dreams? If he does not, then in truth he does not understand the people he undertook to govern. He appears to have decided that “governing” could be accomplished with an endless campaign, meant to entertain a nation enthralled with hucksterism and side-shows; that notion betrays, in meaningful measure, a disdain for the people who placed their trust in him, with their vote.

If you know neither yourself nor your enemy, you will always endanger yourself.
— The Art of Warfare

Whether he meant to entertain or to rule like a monarch, Obama seems now petrified to actually lead. One senses that this unformed man is at war with himself; what to do – play to the handlers and their agenda, or cast them aside, grasp both sides of the podium, swallow hard, and play to history?

The Office of the Presidency can either make a man great, or break him, but it will not allow him to coast and remain undefined.

But a lack of definition is what Obama has cultivated throughout adult life. From what little we know of his college days to his Inaugural speech, others have defined Obama for him, going mostly by what they saw – which was usually a reflection of themselves. He has kept himself safely tucked away, voting “present,” both early and often.

The forced definition of the American Presidency is sitting very uncomfortably with Barack Obama. There is nowhere to hide . . .


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Glenn Cassel AMH1(AW) USN Retired October 7, 2009 at 1:43 pm

Oh shit! A forty eight year old man that is not yet a man? Just what I needed to hear. The keyword was unformed. That is a frightening thing to reference the supposed leader of the Western/Free World as.
I just figured he didn’t know anything about any subject except himself.


Darrell October 7, 2009 at 10:45 pm

He’s as formed as he’s ever going to be. He became the consummate snowjob artist to get ahead in life. Acting like a visiting professor on his first day, never the student. Never letting anyone know his positions or show how little he knew about the issues. Never putting it in writing, except that poem about apes shitting in the caves. Even his autobiography was written by Bill Ayers and features characters
from Ayer’s life, not Obama’s, like that white girlfriend with the notable family estate. We’ve all seen them around–in school. In life. Unfortunately, they do succeed sometimes when people are looking closely enough.

Lies became the oxygen to the Left long ago. Notice how the tall tales their people throw around–like Hillary’s tales of her name, her heroics in Kosovo, etc–or Biden’s–or Kerry’s–or Barack’s–or Edward’s never raise even an eyebrow for those people? Normal people wouldn’t show their faces for a long time after they were caught in a lie, but for the Left it is just another day. Global warming/carbon demonization–who cares as long as they get the control/power they are looking for. The Left has no solutions except the same old crap they’ve tried before and failed with miserably. Thirteen-year-old girls are never thirteen to the Left when they want: Forty-eight-year-old men are fresh as a blank flash drive. Except for that Marxist factory ghosting already embedded. President Max Tax’em. He might as well be computer-generated. Unless I am missing that he already is.


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